September Product Announcements

September Product Announcements

How many Peakons can fit on one stage? Not all of them but as you can see in the picture below quite a few! And what are we doing on stage? Besides helping Phil, our CEO, to blow all the candles on his birthday cake, this is the wrap-up of an amazing experience with 500 of the world’s best people leaders at Belong by Peakon.

Belong is a conference designed to collaboratively examine employee experience in the workplace.

Here are our key updates to the Peakon platform from September:

Your team’s engagement score is now a real-time infographic

At Belong, keynote speaker and data journalist David McCandless spoke about the power of visualising complex data in a simple way. Our design team follow the same philosophy, and after our latest month of updates, the main Peakon dashboard score for each team is now more than just a number — it’s a visual story. We accomplish this by showing your eNPS distribution inside the score itself. When hovering over your score, the colors change to indicate the proportion of promoters, passives and detractors.

Adjust the send out date, timezone and now the time of your survey

Participation rates and quality of employee feedback are only as good as the survey experience you provide them. At Peakon, our goal is to personalise the survey experience to the needs of every employee no matter where they work and what they do. Previously, Peakon would send out all surveys around 9 am local time. With this update, it is possible to set the time you want your employees to receive the survey, to account for things like different shift times.

213 new Suggested Actions guiding managers and their teams to take action

Managers that create action plans in Peakon see an increase in their team’s engagement. We continuously track the effectiveness and impact of Peakon’s Suggested Actions and update them accordingly. The latest research from our Organizational Development Science team has identified the most impactful Custom Actions set by managers across all of our clients. To scale these best practises for every manager in any organisation, our ODE team re-designed them to fit in any business context. The 213 new Suggested Actions across all drivers of engagement are now live for you and every team leader in your organisation.

Action Planning Checklist: A step by step framework towards goal completion

We’ve added checklists to action planning. This allows leaders to tick off the smaller steps they’re taking towards completing a larger action — making progress more visible and easier to track. On top of that, the new solution enables managers to build momentum by getting a few wins under their belt which they can celebrate with their teams.

UX improvements that improve collaboration and accountability

Transparency in projects keeps everyone in the team up-to-date throughout the process. Visible deadlines and a good understanding of the team’s progress at any time ensure the necessary accountability of the team-leader. With these in mind, we have improved the copy and visuals in the managers Action Planning.

Ensuring employee anonymity in small teams

It’s only through maintaining the anonymity of employees that we’re able to develop the trust needed to collect honest feedback and generate meaningful insights. In smaller teams, there might be more insecurity about the anonymity of one’s feedback. So far managers received employee feedback as soon as the feedback was submitted. To avoid any concerns about employees in smaller teams submitting real-time comments we now provide the option to only populate employee comments on the manager’s dashboard once the survey round has closed.

Ensuring everyone’s anonymity during employee leave

One of the ways that Peakon protects employee anonymity is controlling the minimum number of responses required to break out a segment for comparison. On top of this, a new comments anonymity threshold is added which allows you to control the number of responses required, per survey round, for comments to populate on a manager’s dashboards. This is particularly valuable in cases where employees are away and most likely are not submitting feedback on a specific round. You can read more about the anonymity settings here

Ensuring employee anonymity in open-plan offices

Privacy is an integral part of the open-plan office etiquette. In addition to respecting the space of others in the office, it is necessary also to respect their privacy. When a manager responds or acknowledges an employee’s comment in Peakon, the anonymous employee receives an email. The manager cannot know the recipient. Our update randomises a delay in the employee receiving that email. This prevents any association that a team leader might make from what they can see immediately around them.

That’s all for now, and as always, our support team is available for questions, or you can reach out to your CSM. For anything else, feel free to email me directly.