Understanding Male and Female Motivation in the Workplace

Understanding Male and Female Motivation in the Workplace

Employee engagement is becoming an increasingly important issue for businesses across the world. Research has shown that engaged workforces deliver 33% higher profits, with 44% higher staff retention, and 87% of C-level executives recognise disengagement to be one of the biggest threats to their businesses. (Interestingly we have actually found that women in leadership are better at building belief and conviction in their employees.)

At Peakon, we are passionate about helping organisations create the most enjoyable and productive working environments for their employees.

In the first in a new series of engagement reports, we uncovered the factors that drive the motivation of men and women in the workplace.

Using more than 230,000 individual survey responses from employees in over 20 countries, the inaugural engagement report by Peakon found that:

  • Strong leadership is the biggest driver of employee engagement across both genders
  • Organisational fit has a 42% greater impact on women’s engagement than men’s
  • Personal growth and accomplishment affect engagement levels more in men
  • Women tend to feel financially under-rewarded, whereas men are more confident that their opinions are appreciated

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