What a year it's been...

Victoria Murphy
What a year it's been...

We started 2017 as a team of 22, and ended it by being announced one of the 25 fastest-growing SaaS businesses globally. Suffice to say, we’ve been busy…

Our office in Copenhagen was shared with a number of other fantastic companies such as Reform, Jip Jip and Sweet Sneak. But thanks to a few touches of neon and plant-life, we made it feel like home.

Our old Copenhagen home

Over in London, at the end of last year, our office had seemed incredibly spacious. And after we’d stopped spinning around in all the free space, we entered into the new year with plenty of room, empty desks and excitement. There was even room for our much-loved dartboard.

But this wouldn’t last long, and by May, we had outgrown the space. Something had to change, and in the summer, we moved to 25 Charterhouse Square in Clerkenwell. At over 6000 square ft, our new home offers us everything we need, with a beautiful open plan working area, a large events space for our learning and networking events, and comfortable pods for collaboration (or a power nap). Most importantly, it has given us plenty of room to grow.

At the same time, over in Copenhagen, our team relocated to Christianshavn, and quickly made use of the nearby Smørrebrød cafe. Finally with a space that was entirely ours, it felt a million times more “us”.

Our new Copenhagen home

Thanks to our incredible round of funding in March, we’ve been able to source the best talent from all over the world. Our team has more than tripled this year, and we now have Peakons of 16 different nationalities, delivering a seamless experience for our clients in over 30 languages. And as our team has grown, so have the locations that we operate in. Not only do we have offices in London, Copenhagen, Raleigh and Berlin, but thanks to our remote workers, we have a presence in Barcelona and Auckland too. In short, we’re starting to make serious waves.

Our surfing team at the Lisbon offsite

More than ever, people remain at the heart of what we do. Company off-sites had always been a huge part of our culture, and this year was no different – even with many more flights to book! We visited beautiful Barcelona, surfed on the Lisbon coast, and were even persuaded to take our London team to our CRO’s much loved home county of Suffolk.

As our team grew, it became more important to provide everyone with the long-term development support we all need. Enter our new Head of Talent, Matt Bradburn. Along with his people and operations team, we’ve ensured that the culture at Peakon remains our priority, and most importantly, that people feel like they’re growing with the business. And it’s worked wonders! Since expanding, we have seen our own Peakon scores soar to an incredible eNPS of 94 which is a huge achievement for a company of 75 people.

Our last Copenhagen offsite

Our desire to provide the best experience for our customers has continued, and our Customer Success team has quadrupled in size to accommodate the needs of our growing customer base. The team have been doing an incredible job: our onboarding NPS stands at a staggering 94, something we’re immensely proud of here at Peakon.

From LA to London to Seoul, our platform is used all over the world, and we partner with some outstanding organisations, who deliver an exceptional service to their clients, and wish to do the same for their employees. From fantastic startups such as Improbable and Secret Escapes to global enterprises such as Old Mutual Wealth and Maersk Group, we’ve got it covered. We’ve learnt a lot this year, and we know one thing for certain – our Customer Success team can handle anything anyone throws at them.

Our beautiful Customer Success team

Our customers have also been instrumental in our growth. Thanks to their input, we have conducted 171 updates to our product this year, including many new features. Specifically, our True Benchmark and Acknowledgements have allowed us to differentiate ourselves as the de facto employee engagement tool for those who wish to track performance, receive real-time feedback and see real business results.

So what’s next?

It’s always exciting to be recognised in your field for your efforts, and that’s something we’ve been fortunate enough to experience. In December, Cardin Partners annouced us as one of the 25 fastest-growing SaaS companies globally, and in January we’ll be crossing our fingers at the Employee Engagement Awards, as we hope to win “Vendor of the Year”. Wish us luck!

We’re going to step it up in terms of community engagement too, with several learning and networking events taking place next year in our events space. Plus, our very own Peakon festival will be taking place in the second half of next year, where we will be showcasing the latest trends in HR, and explore how humans and technology can work together seamlessly.

This year has been incredible for our team, and we’ve grown more than we could have imagined. Acquiring new offices, tripling in size, and partnering with some of the top companies in Europe. But this is just the start… don’t believe us?

Stay tuned.

Update: we have now launched Heartbeat, a specialist source of employee engagement statistics.

Auteur - Victoria Murphy