21 Reasons to Join Peakon in 2021

21 Reasons to Join Peakon in 2021

The new year is always a good time to reflect on past achievements, to start working on new habits, and break some of the old bad ones. It is also a time for many people to make plans for the upcoming year both professionally and personally. With the unanticipated challenges of 2020, there couldn’t be a better time to start fresh.

At Peakon, our products give employees a voice in their organizations all over the world. So in the spirit of starting the year fresh, we’d like to showcase the voices of our own employees giving 21 Reasons to join Peakon in 2021. 

We have asked all Peakons what they like about working here and the general themes that have emerged center around people, purpose, and flexibility. Our mission to make work work for people cannot be accomplished without our own peoples’ voices being heard, so please enjoy 21 Reasons to Join Peakon in 2021 from 21 Peakons. 

Why should someone join Peakon in 2021?

1. Everyone is empowered to drive the change they want to see

The company and product mission are incredibly important to me. I joined Peakon because we aim to empower everyone to drive the change they want to see. We are solving a critical pain point that our users are facing daily.

Michael Auchenberg, Senior Product Manager, Copenhagen

2. Be part of a fast growing company

Peakon is one of the fastest growing B2B SaaS companies in Europe and is playing in a sector that is important to me personally — employee engagement and wellbeing. Speak to our customers… this piece of tech works!

Mansoor Malik, VP EMEA Sales, London

3. Join an open and welcoming culture

I joined Peakon during lockdown, and almost all of my onboarding has been remote. Everyone has been so open and welcoming that it doesn’t feel like I’ve « never been into the office ». I feel just as much a part of the team as I have at any job and I’m so glad I joined!

George Margrove, Principal Psychologist, London

4. Work with a smart and diverse team

It is quite simple. If you want to do what you love, work with a smart and diverse team where you can be yourself, and participate in changing the world of work for the better, then we want to work with you!

Celine Grey, Sales Enablement Manager, London

5. Create an actionable approach to inclusion

Peakon’s work influences and affects over 1,100 companies. By working here, you are able to create and influence a systemic, actionable approach to inclusion, wellbeing and engagement. How exciting is that!

Sheree Atcheson, Global Director of DE&I, London

6. Progress your career

A good way to progress your career is to work with passionate and smart people — and Peakon has got plenty of those!

Peter Gammelgaard Poulsen, Lead Mobile Engineer, Copenhagen

7. Work does not feel like work

I love working at Peakon because actually working does not feel like work, as the product, service, culture and people align in such a way that it allows for an energizing flow I have never experienced before.

Birta Lamm, Commercial Customer Success Manager, Copenhagen

8. Peakon is needed now more than ever

I’ve been here since 2016, and I am more excited than ever about what’s ahead! As companies have shifted to remote work, everyone sees the need for a solution like Peakon more than ever.

Tony Kissack, Senior Account Executive, New York

9. Go on a journey with a growing company

It is like you have a seat at hundreds of strategy meetings and can play an active part in them too, using Peakon! An exciting part is seeing the company grow and take us all on a journey with it — new products, new team members, new ways of working.

Indie Shergill, Senior Customer Success Consultant, London

10. Peers who want you to succeed

Every day gives you different ways to grow and challenge yourself. You’re surrounded by incredibly talented, enthusiastic, supporting peers who want you to succeed because they understand that when you succeed the team succeeds.

Helena Klaus, Sales Development Representative DACH, London

11. Employees are at the heart of everything Peakon does

Peakon is an organisation that keeps employees at the heart of everything it does. I’ve never been in any workplace where there is such a huge focus on employee well-being, mental health, diversity and inclusion, and growth.

Biraj Prajapati, Security Engineer, London

12. Everyone feels comfortable being themselves

Working for a fast-paced company can be challenging at times, but my coworkers are always willing to help and support each other. I also love the fact that everyone feels comfortable being themselves and bringing their uniqueness to work.

Amanda Mazzuca, Senior Customer Success Manager, New York

13. Have an epic time

Help to drive change for employees all over the world (as well as internally here at Peakon). At the same time, there are many opportunities to drive change within yourself, learn from an incredible and diverse bunch of people, plus have an epic time while doing it.

Shanice Duggan-Keefe, Account Executive, Auckland

14. Bring market leading products to life

At Peakon not only do I help bring to life market-leading products, but also products designed to solve challenges for the most important customer of all — me, as an individual and a human being. What more can a Product Marketing Manager ask for?

Nikos Drakatos, Director of Product Marketing, London

15. Work at a job you love that loves you back

Being in Peakon is a dream come true for me. I’m doing the job I love in a company that loves me back.

Florentina Surel, Illustrator, Copenhagen

16. Actually see the impact of your work

Peakon is the perfect place for you if you like working with incredibly driven and talented people, a product that changes employees lives for the better, and a fast environment where you can actually see the impact of your work.

Gabriel Dizon, Head of Customer Success US, New York

17. The flexibility and autonomy are life changing

The people. You work alongside your friends who want to make this company something to be proud of. Also the flexibility and autonomy are life changing in the world we live in now!

Laura Ferrari, Executive Assistant, London

18. The relaxed but professional culture

Being a young, thriving, SaaS scale-up focused on employee engagement; the relaxed but professional culture is an ideal environment to comfortably learn off each other to achieve common goals.

Hari Inpadhas, Financial Planning Analyst, London

19. Work for a company that brings a whole heap of good to the world

The people and the product — if you want to work with ambitious, talented, diligent, and hugely fun people AND you want to work for a company that has a best-in-class product that brings a whole heap of good to the world, then Peakon is the place for you.

Will Ramsden, Head of Business Development EMEA, London

20. Opportunities to learn and grow

Peakon has the right mix of streamlined processes and autonomy that helps you focus on your job while also giving you opportunities to learn and grow.

Jyoti Mishra, Data Scientist, London

21. Meaningful work with an inspiring vision

Meaningful work — An inspiring vision, and a mission that makes a difference. Great people — Supportive, friendly and just generally nice colleagues. A brilliant culture — Values that have meaning and are taken seriously.

Khalid Abouargub, Compliance Manager, London

Thanks for reading and we hope that there was something interesting here for you. We are going to hire 100+ people in 2021 across all our locations so feel free to keep an eye on our careers page for a suitable opportunity for you!

Be You. Be More.

The Peakon Talent Team