Peakon 2019: Our Year In Review

Peakon 2019: Our Year In Review

Over the past year, we’ve grown immensely. We’ve gone from 25 million survey responses last year to over 60 million, collected from 160 countries all over the world, with 13 million comments from employees who all have something to say.

From launching key new features to empower and develop leaders, to helping organisations build more inclusive strategies, we have continued to evolve over the past year — and that’s all thanks to your feedback.

Above all, in 2019 we’ve used our data to understand the world of work better than ever, and provide insight into how people work, and what makes us — and keeps us — engaged.

Read on to find out more — or watch our webinar review of 2019.

Understanding the world of work in numbers

2019 marked the launch of an important project for us: Heartbeat by Peakon. Founded with the goal of bringing the numbers behind the world of work to life, Heartbeat unearths global trends in how we work.

In our first report, we looked at the strategic benefits of women in leadership and found that employees at companies led by women show a greater belief in company strategy.

Our second report put employee attrition under the microscope, revealing that employee engagement begins to decline nine months before they quit.

Generational differences in the workplace were the focus for our third report, where our data showed that Baby Boomers are the most engaged generation overall.

In our fourth report, we tackled the topic of what employees really want from their organisations, and the results showed that these are things that can be easily fixed, as long as their employer is listening.

Nurturing the next generation of leadership

At Peakon, empowering managers is an important part of what we do. In 2019, we continued this mission with the launch of a number of leadership-focused initiatives.

At the beginning of the year we launched our Improve area, which provides managers with targeted, contextual training in the form of micro-courses and Suggested Actions based on the priorities of their team.

To empower managers to take action on their insight more quickly, we also launched our mobile app. Featuring a simplified overview of survey results and highlighted strengths and priorities, our app equips managers with the tools they need to measure engagement and act on their insight on the go.

Cultivating a more inclusive culture

In order to develop an inclusive culture in your organisation, you need to be able to understand the experiences of different identity groups.

To do that, you need to know more about your people. Last year, Peakon gave you a way of collecting this information in a GDPR-compliant way that is integrated into your survey. This allows your employees to consent to — or opt out of — their company knowing more about them — and gives you the information to inform your strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Developing an inclusive culture relies on providing a workplace where your employees feel safe. At the end of 2018, we launched Sensitive Comments in beta to provide employers with a secure way of keeping track of any critical issues or misconduct in their organisation. Over the course of the year, we have continued to build on this feature and improved its functionality and text analytics thanks to your feedback.

We know that truly understanding and implementing inclusive practices lies in education, and in 2019 we also launched specific micro-courses last year to help leaders develop their skills and build inclusive teams.

Optimising the employee experience and improving retention

As we learned in our second Heartbeat report, employee engagement begins to decline around nine months before they’re likely to leave an organisation. But understanding each stage of your employees’ journey and why they’re likely to leave your organisation means that you can be proactive before turnover occurs.

In 2019, we launched two key features that give us more insight into these processes. Our Employee Experience Cycle delivers insights on how engagement changes over your employees’ time at your organisation, from onboarding to exit.

Another standout feature we launched in the past year was Attrition Prediction. This feature provides a deeper level of insight on why people leave your organisation in real-time and helps you spot at-risk groups within your organisation.

What’s next for Peakon in 2020?

So what will we be working on in 2020? One of the key topics we will be exploring are the many different business outcomes that link to engagement, and how companies can leverage these to make positive changes from within.

We’re also going to be focusing in on the employee. When we founded Peakon five years ago, it was with the goal of helping everybody in their organisation reach their full potential at work. In 2020, this means that we will be helping employees gather insight on their own development and improvement, and how they can find their path towards that using the Peakon platform.

As we build on what we accomplished in 2019, we have never been more excited to see the positive impact Peakon has on organisations around the world. Here’s to an amazing 2020!