Peakon to be Acquired by Workday: Joining Forces to Improve the Future of Work

Peakon to be Acquired by Workday: Joining Forces to Improve the Future of Work

Six years ago in Copenhagen we started Peakon to build the company we wanted to work for. Today, our 260 team members have made this a reality. On our mission to help every employee drive the change they want to see, we have captivated more than 1,000 forward-thinking organisations who we’re proud to call customers.

It’s with all of you that I’m incredibly excited to share our next step: We have entered into an agreement to become part of Workday, a company that shares our values and our data-driven approach to improving the changing world of work. Workday is continuously recognized for its strong, people-driven culture of innovation. We’re thrilled to be joining forces.  

When we entered this industry, we identified a cause where we believed we could make a real difference; you’ve probably all seen the graphs showing how employee engagement has flatlined globally for years, or felt the frustration of action plans left unaccomplished. Experts and organisational psychologists lacked the technology to reach those who could affect change: people leaders. Conversely, we saw general-purpose survey providers delivering poor quality, unactionable data.

We didn’t have all the answers back then, but we had an approach: Hire people who really want to solve this problem, and listen intently to the customers who would help us along the way. The team we’ve built never ceases to amaze. We have an expression of looking for culture add and not culture fit, which is rooted in the humble approach of wanting to learn. As a result we have a vibrant and diverse culture, where I’m constantly lucky enough to see Peakon’s values expressed in new ways.

Numerous standout innovations got us to this point: We architected Peakon around employees, not surveys – meaning businesses can adopt an intelligent approach to gathering feedback on engagement, diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing, and more, without overwhelming people. We took benchmarking to a new level, delivering a highly objective and sophisticated way of understanding your culture. And we now drive the people agenda further, by tying business outcomes to engagement and proven actions that achieve this – across an incredibly diverse range of industries.

I can’t wait to share our vision of what Peakon and Workday will achieve together – more to come – but in the meantime your Peakon team member is there to support you as always. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible: Our investors, who believed in us; our customers, who put their trust in us; our team who have shared the ups and downs of this journey with us so far. Six years on, we’re still just getting started.