HCI Employee Engagement Conference

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As HR leaders become increasingly accountable for driving business results, engagement initiatives must have a broader impact on the business. As HR leaders start designing a holistic employee experiences, they’ll discover a new and more effective path to innovation, sustained commitment, improved customer experience, and increased profits. The HCI Employee Engagement Conference will give you actionable tools and strategies to take part in the revolution that is already driving business results for leading organisations. We will be there to show you how our product can help craft an employee experience that aligns to business goals and how those experiences create a culture of values, support, high performance, and sustained innovation.


Ray Serina
Sales Development Representative
Ray Serina
Ray has been with the stateside Peakon team since day one. Although beginning his career as a practising lawyer, Ray was keen to pursue his interest in making the workplace better and is now an integral part of the US sales team. When he’s not working tirelessly to drive a deal, you’ll find him (and most probably hear him) at sports games and concerts throughout New York!