The Remote Workforce: How to Better Engage your Team

One of the biggest trends that HR teams are dealing with is the rise of the remote workforce.

In today’s working world one of the biggest challenges for HR teams and managers is to find ways to keep remote workers connected with colleagues who may work in different locations and time zones. And once an employee starts to feel disengaged, it’s only a matter of time before that person starts to look for new professional opportunities.

At this event we’ll answer the following questions:

  • How can managers develop work schedules that accommodate remote workers?
  • How can platforms boost collaboration between remote workers and in office colleagues?
  • Is there a way to effectively encourage feedback when managers and team members work on opposite sides of the world?
  • How does gamification make remote employees feel more included in the achievement of company-wide objectives?
  • How can managers use data to develop more personal relationships with their remote employees?

We will discuss practical tips for preventing your remote employees from feeling isolated, unappreciated and disconnected from your organisation’s long term vision and short term goals.

This is a fun opportunity to network with other HR professionals and share ideas and experiences over drinks and nibbles.

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Hannah Stockley
Hannah Stockley
Hannah is the woman in the know: working on both internal and external events, and making sure the Peakon magic is spread worldwide. When she’s not running our social channels and meeting new friends of the brand, Hannah spends the rest of her time eating out, singing and playing netball.

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