The Peakon Monthly April Broadcast

In our April episode, Patrick takes us through his personal journey of building a values-driven business from the ground up, while Michael showcases the latest features and explains the meaning behind some of HRs most misunderstood terms.
“Let’s demystify what we mean by Employee Experience, Culture, Values and Engagement. We will take you through the roots of the terms, why they’re different, and how they influence one another.” Michael Dean Sr. Manager, Organisational Development Science
What will you learn in this webinar:
  • Building a values-driven business and what employee experience means in practice.
  • Get an overview of the Peakon features that can support these initiatives in your organisation.
  • Understand the roots of these terms, why they’re different, and how they influence one another.
Patrick has been a part of organisations like Starbucks and Virgin Atlantic where he worked to build a values-driven business from the ground up. In the first part of the webinar, he takes us through his personal experience with these organisation as well as his current role at Peakon. Patrick also expands on what employee experience means in practice. Michael starts the second part of the webinar with the latest improvements in Peakon, before diving deeper into what the terms Employee Experience, Culture, Values and Engagement really mean. He explains how the term « Employee Experience » is born out of “design thinking” with examples from Adobe and Airbnb, before explaining « Organisational Culture » and the way that Rosauer’s three bell curves can provide a helpful framework for understanding what a good culture looks like. The last part of his talk covers the « Organisational Values » with mentions of Uber and the two main challenges, namely crafting good values and making them “liveable”. Here’s an illustration based on Michael’s explanations of how these terms are different and how they influence one another (but listen to the webinar for the full talk):  The last part of the webinar is a Q&A with our community where you can listen to some insightful discussions between industry leaders. You can watch the webinar at the top of this post and see the accompanying slides here All of the features mentioned in the webinar are explained in more detail in our help centre – plus your Customer Success Manager is always available for support. If you would like to register for the live broadcast and participate in the Q&A session afterwards, send me an email. We hope to see you at the next broadcast on the 30th of May, the last Wednesday of the month. The Peakon Monthly is our webinar series with your hosts Patrick Cournoyer, Chief Operating Officer, and Michael Dean, Sr. Manager, Organisational Development Science.