GDPR data privacy and information security at Peakon

The privacy and security framework our team has built combined with comprehensive annual audits from external partners ensure we’re fully compliant with GDPR.

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You and your employees are in full control of your personal data at all times

How Peakon protects you

Years of expertise

Phil Chambers, CEO, and Anne-Sofie Nielsen, CTO, both have 15+ years of experience building secure web applications, with strict requirements for integrity, availability and confidentiality. They each have experience running complex, highly available SaaS and e-commerce web applications, including Citrix and GoToMeeting.


Peakon has a mature approach to data protection and privacy. Peakon’s management demonstrates support for the data protection legislation and promotes a strong culture of data protection across the organisation.”

EMEA leader in Information & Communication Technologies Consulting

Employee Awareness

In line with GDPR Article 12 we offer a variety of resources, from pre-survey communication plans, to clearly introduced survey invites, to detailed privacy policies, so that employees understand how we process data, as well as the security and anonymity offered.

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We only work with the best

Every one of our subcontractors is GDPR compliant, and furthermore you have control over certain functionality in Peakon and the processors that provide it, in turn allowing you to store employee data purely inside the EEA if required.

Data processing agreement

We will state the obligations of Peakon - the Data Processor, and yourselves - the Data Controller. Along with our Terms and Conditions, this will form the contractual basis of GDPR compliance and the instructions under which we will process, and protect, your data.

You're in control

Peakon has designed our Platform and Data Processing Agreement to give you options and put you in full control. The powerful settings in Peakon empower you to control who can see and manage sensitive information. We ensure that you can communicate to your employees that they are always in control of their personal data and we support you in these efforts.

Your access control capabilities, anonymity and aggregation settings and all available resources we provide for your employee awareness and understanding build the necessary trust that makes us your valued partner.

Powerful access control

Access Control Groups give you complete control of who can see, edit and delete employee data. Read more about it here.

Employees in control of their data

Employees have the right to request that their personal data is removed and deleted from the dashboard. They can also ask to reset their answers and if enabled by your organisation, update their details on attributes as per Article 16.

Read more about how we protect you and your employees

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