Our values are what make us uniquely Peakon. They form the foundation of our culture and inform every decision we make – from the features we develop, to how we treat each other in the workplace.

We defined these values together and they resonate with everyone who works here. We hope they resonate with you too.

Transparency is Our OS

Transparency is our operating system, the basis of all our functions.

With the exception of legally sensitive information, we share everything we can with our employees. Internally, transparency is the best way of holding people accountable, removing confusion, and ensuring people are treated fairly.

How we bring this value to life:

  • We’re open with, and accountable to, our internal Peakon scores
  • We hold monthly company All-Hands meetings and Q&As with our founders
  • We use a transparent salary model that ensures everyone is rewarded fairly
  • We value accessible founders and leadership. Ask us whatever you want, whenever you want
  • We work with clear KPIs and shun needless vanity metrics

Life first

We give you the flexibility to deal with your life first, and work second.

We understand you aren’t able to do your best work if you’re sick, stressed, or worried about your personal life. Whether it’s finding time for a doctor’s appointment or being with your family when it matters most, we give you the flexibility to work around your commitments.

How we bring this value to life:

  • We offer flexible working hours and remote-working. We care about results, not face time
  • We support all Peakon parents with maternity and paternity leave
  • Unlimited holiday policy. We trust you to take the holiday you need when you need it

Build for tomorrow, today

We develop solutions that will scale for years, not months.

We consider the long term with everything we do. Whether we’re building new product features, hiring new employees, or developing new systems, we never make compromises in favour of short-term gain. We don’t innovate for the sake of doing something new, we do it so that we can make a lasting impression.

How we bring this value to life:

  • We make decisions with our mission and values in mind
  • We hold quarterly planning sessions to keep us focused on the long-term strategy
  • We invest in people, R&D, and systems that will stand the test of time


WIT means Winning with Integrity and Tenacity.

We like to win, but not at the expense of our ethics. We are relentless is the pursuit of our goals, and resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks. Everything we do is with our values in mind, and we don’t cut corners when it comes to our employees or customers.

How we bring this value to life:

  • We set ambitious targets and figure out a realistic way to achieve them
  • We don’t fear or punish failure. If you tried and failed, that’s fine. As long as you tried
  • We don’t blame others, we look in the mirror for ways to improve
  • We go the extra mile to solve problems for customers
  • We won’t win at the expense of our values, employees, or customers

Serious, not seriously

We believe humour and humility help to establish a trusting environment.

Peakon is a serious business, with serious customers. We expect all of our employees to keep that in mind, but that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves too seriously. If work isn’t fun, good people will find something else to do. We believe humour and humility help to establish a trusting environment, break down barriers, and build stronger relationships.

How we bring this value to life:

  • We are humble. We celebrate success without being obnoxious or arrogant
  • Some days will be hard, but we stay calm and look for the funny side
  • We like weird, it adds character and keeps our serious side in check
  • Memes, lots of memes. And GIFs. We also love GIFs

We care

We act with kindness and respect for each other, our customers, and the community.

We don’t do things because we have to, we do them because we want to. Whether it’s for our coworkers, our customers, or the wider community, we like to show people we care.

The key to building lasting relationships with others is to show you care. The only way we will build a great brand, a great place to work, and a great product is if we sincerely care about what we do, and demonstrate that in our behaviour.

How we bring this value to life:

  • We hold events to engage with and support the local community
  • No abuse of power; we are respectful and kind to our colleagues, regardless of their position
  • We take a customer-centric and empathetic approach to building and selling our products
  • We support our charity partners to build a better business and do more good in the world

Be you. Be more.

Peakon is a journey for all of us. We want you to become part of our story.

We want to create an environment where you can be yourself, contribute your individuality to our culture, and feel safe doing so. We also hope that Peakon will leave a lasting impression on you, and inspire you to Be More, at work and in life. We want Peakon to become part of your story, and will strive to help you accomplish your professional and personal goals.

How we bring this value to life:

  • We invest in people and create an environment where you can grow and be more
  • We are inclusive. Like a cosmopolitan city, our culture is not fixed, we are open to strangers and embrace change
  • We celebrate individuality and encourage people to be their best selves
  • We support professional and personal growth for all of our employees

Our open roles

We believe that we can transform the world of work. If you want to be part of that journey, take a look at our current vacancies.