Support the Wellbeing of Your Employees

To help you support the wellbeing of your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic — and transition back to the workplace successfully — we’ve developed new COVID question sets for you and your organisation.


Helping the world’s best workplaces support employee wellbeing


COVID-19 Question Sets

In times of difficulty, it’s important to engage in a continuous dialogue with your employees. This allows you to build a real-time understanding of their needs and take effective action. Our Organisational Development Science Team has developed targeted questions to help you measure the efficacy of your response measures, support the wellbeing of your people, and transition back to the workplace successfully.

Get Feedback from Everyone, Everywhere

Peakon gathers feedback from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Accessible via web, kiosk and SMS — translated into more than 50 languages — and designed with the blind and partially-sighted in mind. You can be sure that every employee, even those working remotely, will have their voice heard.


Receive Insights in Real Time

Peakon delivers results in minutes, not months. Intuitive dashboards provide you with data as soon as feedback starts rolling in. Understand the needs of your workforce immediately.

Track and Manage Your Actions

Turn employee feedback into real results. Peakon allows you to plan, track and measure the impact of your initiatives throughout your business. Support the wellbeing of everyone in your organisation.


"Peakon gives you a level of insight that you'll have never seen before. I don't understand how you could run a business today without a tool like Peakon."

James Beechinor-Collins, Chief Digital Officer, TEXT100

Support the Wellbeing of Your Employees and Return to the Workplace Successfully

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