Measure and improve your organization’s approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diverse and inclusive cultures have over 50% better financial performance. Connect your DE&I initiatives to employee engagement and empower people at all levels to take a more active role.
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Peakon Include helps us to establish a benchmark of where we are now and when we take action to track the intended impact and take corrective action where necessary.

Joanna Brimacombe, People Projects & Development Manager, CIPD

Ensure all of your employees are fairly represented

Build an accurate picture of diversity by giving your employees a way to submit their demographic data anonymously and in compliance with GDPR.

Don’t let underrepresented groups get lost in the data and ensure that new initiatives are designed around the right people within your organization.


Foster a more inclusive and equitable company culture

Improve the performance of your organization by creating a diverse and inclusive culture that allows your people to reach their full potential.

Identify the priorities that will push your DE&I agenda forward, and provide a safe channel for employees to report cases of discrimination and misconduct.

Empower your managers and improve accountability

Encourage more ownership of your DE&I initiatives with personalized insights, training and guidance based on employee feedback.

Peakon Include uses advanced machine learning to leverage millions of responses from organizations around the world to provide training and recommended actions when they’re needed most.


Report on the impact and ROI of DE&I initiatives in real time

Peakon Include allows you to close the feedback loop with your employees. 

Report on the progress of DE&I initiatives, benchmark success within your industry, and measure how changes impact engagement and key business metrics.

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Establish a comprehensive, real-time view of Engagement and DE&I across your organization — allowing you to benchmark success and measure ongoing progress.

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