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Data and Access security
Two factor authentication
Two-factor authentication provides basic authentication for organisation members.

By enabling two-factor authentication, administrators limit the likelihood that a user’s Peakon account could be compromised.

We integrate seamlessly with any system that acts as a SAML 2.0 identity provider, including G-Suite (Google Apps), Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and more. Enabled either as part of your Single Sign-On configuration or within Peakon via mobile, SMS and Authy.
99% Uptime SLA
We run two full, geographically separate systems in tandem to provide immediate solution for hardware failure and disaster recovery. We are transparent about our historic uptime, which can be found here:
99.9% Uptime SLA
Penetration testing
We use numerous systems and services such as Detectify to perform regular, automated tests, looking for the most common security vulnerabilities.
Password security
We use zxcvbn - an advanced algorithm developed by Dropbox - to test and approve password strength.

Coupled with our login retry policy, we ensure that account brute force attacks become infeasible.
Data anonymity level settings
Peakon gives you the flexibility for targeted, frequent surveys along with the necessary aggregation settings to always ensure the anonymity of your employees.

For each survey schedule you create, the anonymity settings are easily and accurately configurable, from the minimum employee number per segment to comments anonymity levels and everything in between.
Data aggregation settings
Control how your data is aggregated, for example, adjust the length of time that past survey responses are included in your current score.
Data access per region
We ensure that you have full control of your data. Prior to working with your named Customer Success Manager you can define through your settings the specific regions of the world where Peakon has access rights to your data.
Employee Management and Access Groups
Upload and Update your employee records
No matter the various office locations and different HR teams uploading their spreadsheets, Peakon aggregates all employee records accurately in the platform and automatically updates without causing duplication.
Sync and keep employee records up-to-date with SCIM 2.0
Keep your employee records up-to-date by syncing to your HRM software via the SCIM 2.0, the most modern, simple and secure open API for managing identities trusted by the likes of Google and Slack.
Update employee records and apply your changes to historical data.
Segments provide insights into the engagement of cross-sections of employees by allowing you to view scores and comments by segment.

Based on your employee attributes you can automatically create each population group that you want to receive feedback from, collect their insights and take action.
Custom Attributes
Attributes allow for survey responses to be segmented. Peakon already provides you with a list of attributes in which you can then add your segments.

You can add your custom attributes according to the needs of your organisation. Our engagement methodology experts are always there for support and advice.
Employee search and filter
Search for any employee from the organisation and update their status easily by using the search bar.
User access control
The access control groups allow you to manage the different user capabilities in Peakon.
This ensures everyone has the right insights in their dashboards and the right tools to improve their teams’ engagement.

For example, Executives get the overview of all teams while Managers have access only on their teams’ engagement.

Peakon provides you with Access groups for Admins, Executives, Managers, Employees.
Advanced user access control groups
Only give access to those who need it and create as many access groups as you need to reflect your organisational structure.
Restrict attributes to streamline your managers' dashboards
Avoid burdening your managers with employee insights which are outside of their power to address. Allow team leaders to focus on the key areas that are relevant to them.
Track the inclusion of any minority population
Our partners use Peakon to understand if their people feel they are treated equally. Peakon provides the option to collect demographic information about your employees (e.g. racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation) in a safe, GDPR-compliant way. Peakon generates a consent notice for employees to agree to the processing of this data before starting the Peakon survey.
Hierarchical attributes to define your organisational structure
Add information on the hierarchy of your organisation and Peakon will automatically map the relationships between different departments and employees. You also have the option to set up these relationships manually instead.
Manager live usage metrics
With full reporting capabilities, filtering and segmentation - you have real-time visibility on your managers action plans, comment interactions and overall activity. Quickly recognise good leadership behaviour and support the managers that need guidance.
Automatically notify employees of new feedback rounds and send reminders for unanswered surveys.
Workday allows you to sync your employee records with Peakon. Once synced, employees are added automatically, and any changes are updated securely.
Bamboo HR
Our off-the-shelf integration with Bamboo HR allows you to sync your employee records with Peakon. Once synced, employees are added automatically, and any changes are updated securely.
Our off-the-shelf integration with Hi-Bob allows you to sync your employee records with Peakon. Once synced, employees are added automatically, and any changes are updated securely.
Single Sign-On
With Single Sign-On, the Peakon dashboard users can log in using their existing company credentials, without requiring a separate Peakon login.
Mandated Single Sign-On
By mandating Single Sign-On you can ensure the quick and secure login to Peakon. Additionally, you can be certain that employees that have left your business will no longer have Peakon access.
Our integration with Okta allows you to sync employee records with Peakon. Once synced, employees are added automatically, and any changes are updated securely. The integration also enables easy Single Sign-On.
Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Our integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory allows you to sync employee records with Peakon. Once synced, employees are added automatically, and any changes are updated securely. The integration also enables easy Single Sign-On.
Build any integration with our Public API
Our RESTful API allows you to pull your engagement data directly from Peakon. Integrate with your data sources, and build your custom applications. Take your engagement analysis to another level. We are here to support you.
API technical support
Access to both documentation for our engagement API and the developers behind it.
Accurate qualitative and quantitative feedback
46 default questions from the Peakon question library
Developed based on decades of scientific research, Peakon’s engagement driver framework provides a shared vocabulary to describe good leadership and a healthy culture.
Targeted onboarding and exit question sets
Developed by our Organisational Development Science team, these optional questions can be used to target the relevant employee populations at the right time. Enhance your engagement data with additional onboarding and exit insights.
Editable Peakon question library
Edit questions to match the needs of your organisation.
Open-ended questions
Custom Question Set
By creating a Custom Question Set you can measure various aspects of the employee experience without skewing your engagement model.
Unlimited Custom Question Sets
In addition to real-time engagement insights, you can identify and track trends on other aspects of the employee experience - all with a single survey.
Custom driver questions
Add custom questions to each of the engagement drivers in Peakon. Our engagement methodology experts will advise you on this further.
Open-text comments
Give employees the option to provide a comment with their question response. Comments add a layer of qualitative feedback to employee responses which can help you understand "why" someone gave a particular score.
Questions illustration option
Add an illustration to each of your survey questions, which helps to add additional context and create a better user experience for your employees.
Intelligent question distribution
Question distribution for continuous feedback
Peakon’s question rotation algorithm ensures the questions employees receive in their surveys will differ from one another.

Survey fatigue can be a real threat to your insights. This feature is designed to give you a steady stream of data for all these drivers, on an ongoing basis.
Intelligent follow-up questioning for extreme scores
If an employee provides an unexpected response to a question, we’ll seamlessly insert additional, related questions from your survey into their current round.

As a result, you receive the maximum insight into problem areas as soon as they arise.
Universal Accessibility
Kiosk & SMS service for employees on the ground
Set up a kiosk and get insights from employees who dont have an email address. If employee phone numbers are set, they will also receive an SMS with their unique code and a URL to fill out the survey. Employees can also submit the feedback via kiosk by using their first name and employee number.
Mobile, desktop, any device optimisation
Managers can access the dashboard from their web browser on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Employees can receive notifications via SMS, email, Slack or our iOS app.
Employee surveys on the Peakon mobile app
Dashboard localisation in over 20 languages
Team leaders can view their actionable insights in their native language.
Survey localisation in over 55 languages
Employees can share their feedback and view their engagement progress in their native language.
Automated employee reminders
Peakon will send automatic reminder emails at specific intervals during each survey round in order to maximise participation. Account administrators can also trigger a reminder email at any time.
Manager participation reminders
Peakon keeps each team leader up to date with the current response rate and lets them know when the next survey reminder will be sent to those employees who are yet to respond.
Anonymous conversations translation option
Built-in Google translate options enable you to understand feedback from multilingual teams. Through the localised experience feature you can respond in your language while the user receives a translated response.
Blind and colour-deficiency support
Our design team has created a second version of the dashboard which makes it accessible for managers with colour-deficiency without compromising on their user experience. Also, the survey is developed to work for blind users.
Flexible Survey Schedules
Frequency options for each questions set
You can set the frequency for driver and sub-driver questions, as well as the engagement question. If you have Values questions enabled, you will also be able to select the Values question frequency. As you adjust the frequency mix, you will get an indication of how many questions will be asked in the survey rounds.
Segment-specific question sets
Use segment-specific questions to ensure you gather the most relevant feedback from every team - anywhere, anytime.
Multiple simultaneous schedules
Run multiple surveys on different schedules and frequencies at the same time. Tailor surveys to different departments and business units around the world.
Multi branded survey schedules
Customise your survey, email content, add bespoke company branding by division or sub-brands, and give a tailored experience that feels personal to your employees.

You can also brand each question in your surveys independently, making it possible to brand your custom driver and open-ended questions.
Customisable email notifications
For each schedule you set you can customise the survey email content (e.g. to include a message from the head of this department) while also defining the sender (e.g. from the CEO of the organisation).
Bespoke benchmarking
Industry benchmarks
Benchmarks enable you to compare engagement performance against others in your industry.
Company benchmarks
The company benchmark represents an average score across your organisation, which gives managers and executives more context when analysing the performance of their team compared to the rest of the business.
True benchmark®
True Benchmark® lets you use the power of data to account for demographic differences (like age, tenure, etc) between your teams and how those factors affect overall engagement scores.
Segment-specific benchmarks
For larger organisations that operate in multiple industries, we let you choose suitable industry benchmarks for different areas of your business.

For example, a financial services provider may wish for its fin-tech division to be benchmarked against technology businesses.
Personalised Dashboard
Automated onboarding experience for team leaders
After the first employee feedback of each team, every leader will be introduced to their personal dashboard with an automatic onboarding experience of their actionable insights.
Dashboard translation (18 languages + colourblind users)
Personalised dashboard view
Every team leader has access to a personal dashboard with their teams actionable insights in their language and prefered preview settings.
Team Priorities & Strengths for every team
Peakon flags the highlighted areas, for every segment, in each team leaders overview. These are the areas in your organisation with significantly different levels of engagement and Peakon recommends that you take a closer look. They are presented as Priorities & Strengths.

Priorities reflect the groups of employees who are significantly less engaged than the organisation as a whole.

Strengths, often represent a team where the culture and strategy are perfectly in sync, and cases of best-practice management.
Engagement trendline over time with time period options
Understand the progress of your engagement over time.
Segmentation analysis
The ability to slice and dice the analysis from Peakon gives you an incredibly detailed illustration of how, and why, areas of your organisation differ from one another. This is great starting point to learn where potential problems could arise and where more support is needed, but also a source of best practices.
Heatmap: compare segment scores and participation
The Heatmap is a great way to make a lot information understandable at once. Everything on the Heatmap is interactive.
Heatmap: compare scores between feedback rounds
Understand your engagement progress with a view that highlights how scores have changed between your two most recent survey rounds.
Export data to spreadsheets
The spreadsheet export allows you to download all scores for each engagement driver, sub-driver (and Value) in a Heatmap view.
Digest Emails
Peakon automatically sends digest emails to dashboard users (e.g. administrators and managers) providing a simple summary of recent survey results.
Separation Insights from your leavers
Unlike traditional exit surveys, which rely on feedback from employees who have already quit, Peakon’s Separation Insights feature uses survey responses left by leavers in the run-up to their departure.
Employee Experience Cycle report: from onboarding to exit
Our EXC report provides insight into the full employee journey, without the complexity of separate onboarding, engagement, and exit surveys.
Attrition Risk Prediction
Attrition Prediction accurately models the risk of employee turnover among different employee populations (e.g. department, location, age, etc.). This allows targeted action to be taken and for contingency plans to be made.
A mobile app for team leaders reducing the time to action feedback
Our mobile app gives managers easy access to the most important insights about their team. People leaders can acknowledge employee feedback and collaborate with colleagues to create a plan of action.
Employee Insights
Automated gamified employee introduction to Peakon
After the completion of the first survey, each employee is introduced to Peakon with an interactive onboarding experience. Your people will understand how Peakon works, how their feedback appears to their team leader, and how their data is handled.
Personal engagement progress insights
We believe engagement is everyone's business. After the completion of each survey, employees are presented with an overview of their own engagement history. This insight encourages repeat participation.
Notifications on Acknowledgements and Conversations
Employees receive notifications everytime a comment is acknowledged or responded. In every interaction Peakon reassures them about their anonymity.
Topic and Text Analytics
Comments for Driver and Open-ended questions
With each Peakon question, employees have the option to provide a comment. These comments add colour and nuance to quantitative responses – and essentially the why behind the score.
Comments overview page
All the comments grouped in categories with all the necessary functionality to understand the qualitative feedback of your people.
Filter and search for comments per relevant category
View comments by engagement 'driver' or for specific open-ended questions. Search and filter options help you to find the feedback you're looking for.
Filter and search for comments per action
This feature makes it less likely that managers will overlook employee feedback and miss out on opportunities to improve engagement.
View comment leader attribution for collaboration
Peakon identifies hierarchical relations so you can quickly find out which manager each comment is associated with by hovering over the comment. This feature offers context and supports collaboration to ensure the employees’ feedback will be addressed appropriately. You can also use the private notes to tag the relevant manager, draw their attention and offer support.
Comments aggregation into multi-word Topics
While a team leader may be able to read every employee comment they receive, further up the organisational hierarchy, a department head may see thousands of new comments a month.

Peakon's text analysis algorithms identify the topics that people are talking about and aggregate comments accordingly. This provides a simple way to identify common themes and understand employee sentiment towards them.
Automated summary and aggregated score for each Topic
Alongside each topic, we display the average score of the comments within it. This provides an simple measurement of employee sentiment towards the subject. We also provide a topic summary, intelligently formed from the feedback left by your employees, giving you immediate insight into a broader conversation.
Topics for Driver and Open-ended questions
Peakon groups comments into topics, enabling you to quickly understand the common themes that matter to your employees. Topics are generated for driver, open-ended (and Value) comments.
Topics overview page
The comments overview page gives you a quick snapshot of your qualitative employee feedback.
Topics view by category
Navigate easily through Driver, Open-ended (and Values) Topics.
Highlighted Comments for immediate Action
The first intelligently-ranked employee comments feed. Instead of reading through hundreds of individual comments, Peakon surfaces the most actionable ones. This means more time to focus on solutions, and less time spent trying to spot patterns and uncover insights hidden in your comment feed.
Sensitive Comments for cases of misconduct
Be alerted to cases of misconduct in your organisation. Ensure that people leaders are immediately notified of any critical feedback regarding violence, criminal behaviour, ethics, safety and wellbeing.
Custom word sets for Sensitive Comments
Add custom trigger words to Sensitive Comments, and export reports designed to address the concerns of external regulators.
Communicate and track your core Values
Custom addition of core Values and associated behaviours
Using Values, you can now track in real time whether people feel their experience at work is aligned to your stated company values. You can set your custom values and the associated behaviours which will be automatically translated in 40+ languages.
Every respondent has the ability to provide a comment explaining the way they feel about your Values, in addition to a numerical score.
Comment Topics
Topics are generated for Values to understand the general Themes and Issues your people care about and what the sentiment around certain subjects is. An insightful and most practical guidance on what can be done for each team, or the company as a whole, to become more aligned with its values.
Segment Targeting
Target any segment you feel necessary with your Values question set.
Score per value
Overview / value
With a detailed overview dashboard of each of your Values, you can understand the most impactful feedback from your people per value and use all the actionable insights to address feedback and ensure that your culture is indeed becoming more values-driven.
Priorities & strengths / value
Priorities and strengths highlight the groups of employees that are most closely-aligned to, and furthest from, your stated company values. This allows you to easily identify sources of best practice, and areas that require improvement.
Trendline and Heatmap analysis
The Heatmap will enable you to easily see the areas of your organisation that are most aligned to these values.
Develop manager leadership skills
Suggested resources
Suggested articles and videos, curated by our Organisational Development Science team. Leadership content from trusted publications, delivered to managers at the point of need, based on their engagement priorities.
Add your company’s suggested resources
Guide your managers with your company’s suggestions. Upload your own custom training resources to your Improve content library.
Suggested actions
Suggested short-term and long-term actions developed by our Organisational Development Science team to help managers address feedback efficiently and effectively. This makes it easy for managers to implement impactful changes after each survey round.
Add your company’s suggested actions
Guide and develop your managers through your custom suggested actions. Peakon suggests your internal actions to each team-leader based on their team’s priorities.
Contextual Micro-Courses
An ever-growing library of bite-sized, mobile friendly leadership lessons, developed by our Organisational Development Science team, aligned to Peakon’s engagement methodology. These under-ten-minute courses provide managers with the skills required to act immediately, and lead a productive and engaged team.
1-on-1 anonymous dialogues with your employees
Anonymous Conversations
Peakon provides the unique ability to enter into a dialogue with employees, in response to the comments they provide through the survey. Doing so, the employee remains anonymous, but can still provide the extra detail that you sometimes need to understand and address an issue.
Contextual Acknowledgements with a click
As an employee, it can be disheartening to feel that your feedback has not been seen. Our Acknowledgements feature allows leaders leave a simple response to any comment with a single click.

This is a great way to drive high participation rates by making every employee feel that they've been heard.
Conversations and Acknowledgements notifications
The employee that provided the feedback will be emailed with the response (reminding them that they are still anonymous).
Support collaboration between teams and leaders
Dashboard export into customisable presentation
The Peakon dashboard results can be downloaded into a PowerPoint presentation. This editable slide deck will include all your data and insights, and allow you to add and remove any information that you see fit.
Private comment notes for leaders
Within every comment, leaders can privately collaborate to address the employees feedback effectively. This is a great feature when a Manager needs advice from a Director or the HR team and vice versa if the leadership team wants to highlight the Managers attention to a specific comment.
@mention any leader in the private notes
@mentions and private notes allow you to bring issues to the attention of your colleagues. Live notifications are delivered via the Peakon platform and email.
Shareable team dashboard
Communicate results back to your employees – either by putting the dashboard on a big screen in the office or by sending it out after a survey round closes. This in turn increases participation and gives everyone a stake in improving. Before sharing you can remove any sensitive content.
Plan and track Actions
Plan actions per driver
The integrated action planning feature in Peakon allows team leaders to close the feedback loop by addressing their teams priorities. You can set actions while in the driver that has been identified as a priority.
Plan actions per segment
For team leaders with multiple segments under their responsibility, Directors and other Executives this feature will allow planning and tracking the necessary actions according to the priorities in each segment. You can plan your actions in each of your priority segments.
User actions overview easy to track, manage and collaborate
An overview of all actions in each dashboard, offers you a great understanding of the accountability of each leader and the overall action plan of the organisation which will improve engagement.

The overview shows all actions grouped by related drivers and segments.
Action deadlines
Deadlines to each action allow you to track the accountability while also understand the impact of your planned actions on the improvement of your priorities over time.
Action reminders
Reminders ensure that each leader stays on top of their action plan.
Driver attribution of action
In the case you decide to set a new action within the actions overview, you can set the related driver.
Keep notes for each action
Notes allow you to add additional details for each of your planned actions. This can be helpful both for the leader adding that action while also for anyone from the leadership team who might be reviewing and supporting the managers action plan.
Share actions with your team
At Peakon we believe in collaboration between teams for the successful improvement of each teams engagement. Leaders can share and work together with their team on the action plans by enabling actions in their shareable dashboard.
Suggested driver actions to help leaders
Peakon automatically provides suggested actions for every driver. This is a good way to kickstart the team leaders action plan. These suggested actions are also editable and can be customised accordingly. You can always dismiss the suggested actions and add your own if you prefer.
Service that drives success
24/7 - Online Support Portal/User guides/best practice articles
Access to online guides, training documents and videos from our team.
Account setup based on your size and needs
From your Data Upload to onboarding your Admins, HR leaders and Managers, your dedicated, named Customer Success Manager will ensure the platform setup and that everyone is a "super user" of Peakon.
Online/Email support
In-product chat functionality, with an average response time of 29-minutes from our customer success team.
Account alignment sessions
Our team will work with you to review your use of Peakon throughout your organisation and ensure that all of the Peakon functionality is being used in the most effective way. We will also gather feedback and provide guidance for another successful year of our relationship.
Named Customer Success Manager
At Peakon we see every customer relationship as a true partnership that goes far beyond technical implementation. We will always aim to share our ideas and guidance with you, and we hope to learn from you too.

Key to this will be your dedicated Customer Success Manager who will strive to understand your exact business needs – enabling you to make better people decisions and gain a faster return on your investment in Peakon.
Named Senior Customer Success Manager
Priority Ticket on Email/Online Support
Access to consultative resources from wider Peakon team

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