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Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers you back the insights you need to improve your business. In real time.

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Trending Dashboard

Track your impact with our real-time dashboard. See how each area of your organisation is trending over time.

Continuous Monitoring

We continuously work behind the scenes analysing your data for any outliers or trends, and then automatically alert you.

Flexible Scheduling

We give you the flexibility to run weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly - and also pause for periods when you know everyone will be away.

Personalised Insights

Anyone in your organisation can login to a dashboard and get an easy-to-use, yet powerful view of the insights just for their team.

Manager Access

The best people to fix issues are those closest to them. With Peakon you can allow everyone to login and control exactly what they see.

Fully Automated

No more crafting emails, sending reminders, localisation or creating reports and sending them to management. We automate all that for you.

Text Analysis new

We automatically parse all your feedback using advanced text-analysis techniques, and then highlight the important topics on the dashboard.

Conversations new

Engage employees with two-way conversations - whilst still retaining their anonymity - to follow up on feedback and understand what they really want.

Leading Completion Rates

Whether they are using Peakon weekly, monthly, or quarterly, many of our clients consistently achieve over 80% completion rates.

Infinite Drill-down

Drill into any dimension of your organisation. Whether you want to view your data by team, tenure, or even sales performance - we can handle it.

Two Factor Authentication new

We support 2-Factor authentication for dashboard access - via SMS or app - meaning a compromised password doesn’t become an issue.

Banking Grade Security

All data is encrypted end to end and stored on secure servers. We employ external penetration testers to attempt to break in.

Intelligent Sampling

Peakon intelligently optimises who to ask, when to ask it, and what to ask. That way we can focus on what really matters, and reduce employee fatigue.

Return on Investment

All of our insights are categorised into areas, and we tell you how much impact improving that area will have on overall engagement and productivity.

Any Organisation Structure

Matrix, functional, or flat; everyone’s organisation is structured differently. That’s why we’ve built the most flexible solution in the industry.


Metrics aren't that useful without anything to compare them to. Compare anything internally, or your externally against hundreds of companies.

Free Training Guides

Save thousands in expensive management training by using our extensive free library of management training guides.

Powerpoint Export

Siloed data is no value to anyone. That’s why you can export your dashboard results to Microsoft Powerpoint and present it wherever you wish.

Statistical Analysis

Robust statistics is at the heart of all our analysis. See statistical significance, percentiles, and correlations alongside your dashboard results.

iPhone App

Our iPhone app alerts employees when their feedback is requested, allows them to submit that feedback, and then updates your results in real time.

20+ Languages Supported

Like you, we are a global business with global ambitions, which is why we support over 20 languages.


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