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Build a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture with Peakon Include

The inclusivity of your company culture has a huge impact on the experience — and engagement — of your employees, especially those with less representation in the workplace.

Building an inclusive culture ensures that everyone in your business is able to bring and apply their full self to their work.

With Peakon you can identify just how inclusive your culture really is. Understand the experiences of different employee groups, provide a safe space for cases of misconduct to be raised anonymously, and introduce the initiatives that will make a real difference to your people.

What our customers say


Every quarter, we use our Peakon insights to present back to the entire company about how the employee experience differs between genders. Our D&I report covers all aspects of engagement - from autonomy to reward - and is a vital part of our efforts to create a more equal and inclusive workplace.

Puk Sjeldan
Global Employee Experience Lead, Designit

We highly value being a diverse and inclusive workforce. Based on our insights from Peakon, we were able to quantify the impact of holding a Verizon Connect women’s conference, and we also implemented an organisation-wide mentorship programme this year.

Jorge Diaz
Chief People Officer, Verizon Connect

How we support diversity and inclusion

Measure progress using an evidence-based approach

Track the progress of your efforts across Diversity, Inclusiveness and Non-Discrimination.

Align your efforts to a framework that’s proven to impact DE&I efforts through a combination of engagement drivers and the latest research on belonging and feeling valued. Our methodology has been developed in collaboration with existing Peakon customers and a team of world-class Organisational Development Scientists.

Ensure your data is representative of your people

The first step to understanding Diversity & Inclusion in your business is having an accurate picture of diversity within your teams. Peakon makes it easy to collect employee demographic data in a way that is compliant and easy to understand for your people.

Don’t let underrepresented groups get lost in the data. Give all of your employees an equal voice, and make sure that new initiatives are designed around the right people.

Provide a safe way to report misconduct

In an inclusive workplace, instances of misconduct, harassment or bullying need to be addressed immediately.

Peakon provides your people with an anonymous and secure platform to raise critical issues, and alerts you and your leaders instantly.

Improve the experiences of different employee groups

Identify underlying diversity, inclusion and equity issues within your employee feedback.

Peakon allows you to examine how different employee populations are feeling, compare specific aspects of their workplace experience, and identify the actions that lead to improvement. Learn how women in leadership feel about their freedom of opinions, or how LGBTQ+ employees in your US offices feel about the development opportunities available to them — and take action accordingly.

Facilitate more inclusive leadership behaviours

Enable your leaders to make unbiased decisions and become role models for the rest of the organisation with personalised training based on team feedback.

Peakon uses advanced machine learning to leverage millions of responses from organisations, teams and people across the world to provide training and recommended actions when they’re needed most.