Employee Conversations

A collaborative journey

Maximise results by including every employee in the engagement process

Closing the feedback loop with your employees

Peakon is the world’s first two-way engagement platform. Our unique approach allows you to acknowledge, collaborate, and converse with employees. This drives vastly increased adoption and allows you to fix issues faster.

Don't leave them hanging

Asking for feedback without really acknowledging or actioning it is a sure fire way of making employees disengaged and unproductive.

Our acknowledgements feature allows you to frictionlessly reassure employees that their comment has been taken into consideration, whilst ensuring they remain anonymous. Our conversations feature allows you to enter into an anonymous dialogue with employees, meaning you can follow up to comments they provided through the survey.


Once you acknowledge a comment, the relevant employee will receive an email notification.


Conversations and acknowledgments maintain the anonymity of employees at all times. We make this clear to them at every interaction.

Collaborate on solutions

With our @mentions feature you can easily notify and provide information to other managers regarding a certain piece of feedback. This allows you to ensure the right response comes from the right person - for example, you may escalate a comment to a higher-level manager or executive so they can respond to it directly.

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