Employee Engagement

Increase productivity, retention and business performance with Peakon

Employee engagement is a measure of the personal investment your employees have in their work, and is a key metric for understanding the health of your organisation’s culture.

Studies have repeatedly linked high engagement with increased productivity, retention and profitability.

Peakon helps you to drive measurable improvements in employee engagement via regular employee surveys, real-time insights, bespoke manager training, and collaborative action planning.

What our customers say

28,000 of our 54,000 employees are answering surveys via Peakon’s Kiosk mode. In our latest Kiosk survey round, we had an 85% participation rate across 50 countries and in 29 different languages.

Vivien Pouget
People Insight Manager, Essilor

We met many companies when we set out to find a new supplier for our employee engagement survey and I am 110% sure we made the right decision in choosing Peakon. The integrity, passion, pioneering and one-team approach perfectly match easyJet’s values.

Emma Knowler
Head of Talent & Organisation Development, Easyjet

How we improve employee engagement

Ensure every employee has their voice heard

Peakon gathers feedback from every employee in your organisation.

Surveys are delivered via email, kiosk and SMS — translated into more than 50 languages — and designed with the blind and partially-sighted in mind.

Build a scientific understanding of your culture

Our engagement methodology combines decades of academic research with the latest data science.

Structured question libraries, intelligent benchmarking, and text analysis surface the factors that are truly affecting engagement in your organisation.

Empower your leaders with real-time insights

Unlike traditional engagement surveys, Peakon delivers results in minutes, not months.

Intuitive dashboards provide every leader in your organisation — from HR and senior executives, to line managers — with actionable data as soon as a survey round opens. Drive improvements to your culture from the ground up.

Descriptive, prescriptive, predictive

Descriptive insights explain the current health of your culture, including team- and organisation-level strengths and priorities.

Prescriptive insights provide you with direction on the next steps to take, and predictive insights — such as attrition forecasting — tell you where you need to focus to avoid outcomes like regrettable employee turnover.

Provide training and promote action

Receiving your insights is only half the battle — responding in the right way is key.

Peakon provides every people leader with bespoke training tailored to their immediate concerns. Bite-sized micro-courses, suggested actions and a curated content library help leaders at all levels in your organisation to act on their data and drive improvements in employee engagement.

Track your engagement success

Transform your employee feedback into lasting results.

Peakon’s action planning allows your leaders to log and manage their engagement initiatives. Admins and senior leadership can view actions being taken across your organisation and collaborate with managers to get results.

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Help everyone in your organisation to reach their full potential

Peakon gathers employee feedback, analyses it, and provides the insights you need to improve your business in real time.