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Flexibility, scale & access control

One company, one culture. Whether you operate in different time zones, or across different subsidiaries - we've got you covered.


Matrix, functional, or flat; everyone’s organisation is structured differently. That’s why we’ve built the most flexible solution in the industry.

Group and segment your employee data any way you want; by manager, office, tenure, pay grade, or even by sales quota. Multiple segments can also be applied; for instance you could dive into the engagement data of everyone in your Boston office who joined in the last 6 months.


Run multiple surveys - on different schedules and frequencies - at the same time. Meet the differing demands of your organisation.


Use segment-specific questions to ensure you gather the most relevant feedback - anywhere, anytime.


Customise your email content, add bespoke company branding by division or sub-brands, and give a tailored experience that feels personal to your employees.

Access control

Unlike other products that limit access and burden you with manually distributing results to colleagues, we provide a seamless solution. Peakon gives you the ability to provide access to whomever you see fit, and for you to control exactly what they see based on their team or reporting line. Features can be restricted to certain groups, giving you the power to pilot them before rolling out across the entire organisation.


Whoever you are in an organisation - Peakon is designed to perform. C-Level executives get immediate access to the insights that matter. Managers are provided with the data they need and is relevant to their teams. HR professionals are provided with all the tools they require to run the engagement process smoothly and efficiently.

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