Intelligent Question Assignment

Asking all the right questions

Avoid survey fatigue and improve insights by asking the right questions at the right time.

Smart distribution

Survey fatigue can be a real threat to your insights. Whereas traditional survey methods are bloated and time-consuming, our algorithms intelligently distribute your questions throughout your organisation, in a way that provides all the insight you need without burdening your people.

Actionable insight from every round

At the beginning of each survey round, Peakon distributes all your survey questions among your teams. Each employee receives a personalised sub-set of questions that is small, manageable, and only takes a few minutes to complete. Our algorithms assign these questions such that every manager and admin will receive representative feedback on all aspects of your organisation, in the most efficient way.

Every employee gets their say

We know there’s little to be gained from asking the exact same questions week after week, so our algorithms take into account each employee’s personal survey history. We prioritise the questions an employee hasn’t had the opportunity to answer recently. Over a series of surveys, every employee will complete the full set of questions in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Intelligent follow-ups

When an issue arises, it’s best to get all the information you can, as soon as possible. Our question algorithms know this. If an employee provides an unexpected response to a question, we’ll seamlessly insert additional, related questions from your survey into their current round. As a result, you receive the maximum insight into problem areas as soon as they arise.

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