Put data in the hands of those best equipped to drive real change - your managers

Flexible manager view

Encourage managers to take ownership over their personal performance by providing them with a flexible overview of their team’s engagement data.

Access control

As an admin, you have complete control over manager access to data and platform functions. Limit features such as Comments and Acknowledgements to senior leadership, while providing junior managers with the digestible insights they need to act effectively. Or provide full-access to everyone. You decide what’s best for your team and organisation.

Tools for Managers

Strengths & priorities

Highlighted findings inform your managers of their achievements, as well as priority issues facing their team. By bringing these insights to the surface, managers are motivated to respond quickly and effectively.


Timeline views allow your managers to track their engagement scores over time, encouraging repeat interaction with the platform, and continued ownership over their data and performance.


Summary pages provide comprehensive overviews of your employee engagement scores and its drivers. All the information you need to tackle any issues, in one place.

Manager-employee interaction

Safeguard confidentiality

Employee confidentiality is always a concern, especially in smaller teams. Limit manager access to real-time feedback until a sufficient number of employees have responded.

Confidential chat

Give managers the ability to communicate directly with employees, while preserving employee confidentiality. Open 1-to-1 communication, visible to administrators, is an easy way to address concerns or gain additional context to feedback.

Comment acknowledgement

Acknowledgements are an efficient way for managers to interact with employees when a dialogue isn’t required. From “great idea” to “working on it”, your employees are just a click away from knowing their voice has been heard.

A powerful experience

Manager onboarding

Our exceptional online resources - and the dedicated support of your customer success representative - will ensure your managers get the most out of our platform in no time at all.

Peakon Actions

Enable your managers to set and manage the changes they plan to enact. Admin users can track all the actions being taken across the organisation, and provide the necessary resources and support.

Reporting in a click

PowerPoint export lets managers download their results in a format that can be communicated with the team effortlessly.

Digest emails

Maintain a connection between your managers and the employee engagement process, even when they’re not logged-in. Regular digest emails provide top-level insight straight to their inbox.

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