Keeping your information safe

Industry-leading data protection and security measures

GDPR compliant

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, enforced from May 2018, is one the biggest changes to data privacy regulation for European businesses since 1995. While every EU-operating business must be compliant, many still are not.

We put security, privacy and data protection at the core of our product. We are fully certified as GDPR compliant, and constantly strive to go above the minimum regulatory standards. Trusted by respected organisations such as the Ministry of Justice.

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Two-factor authentication & single sign-on

With single sign-on, managers are able to login using their existing company credentials, without requiring a separate Peakon login. We integrate seamlessly with any system that acts as a SAML 2.0 identity provider, such as G-Suite (Google Apps), Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and more.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the user sign-in and validation process, requiring something you know (your password) and something you have (e.g your phone). Enabled either as part of your SSO configuration, or within Peakon via mobile, SMS and Authy.

Penetration testing

We use Detectify to perform regular, automated tests, looking for the most common security vulnerabilities. We also work with incentivised, ethical hackers to test our application and data security in the wild.

We understand many enterprises have their own bespoke security concerns and needs. We work with our clients’ in-house security teams to extend the scope of our testing where required.

Our comprehensive penetration testing policies enable us to find and address any vulnerabilities immediately - keeping you safe, and your data secure.

Advanced password security

We use zxcvbn - an advanced algorithm developed by Dropbox - to test and approve password strength. Coupled with our login-retry policy, we ensure it would take 200 years to guess a Peakon password.

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