Topic & Text Analysis

Instant understanding

We analyse thousands of comments - in real-time - to tell you what your employees care about.

Straight to what matters

Whilst every employee comment is valuable, analysing them manually has a cost. That’s why we analyse them for you, meaning you get all value, at no additional cost, and in real-time.

Peakon’s topic analysis feature analyses your employees comments and identifies the important themes and issues that people care about – and what the sentiment around each topic is - for every area of your business.

Granular insight

Our algorithm understands both single word and phrase topics, because "development" and "development plan" are not the same.

Signal not noise

To ensure you only focus on real issues, we remove words re-used from the question phrasing and de-prioritise commonly occurring words.

Providing valuable context

Topics are associated with the relevant engagement driver, open-ended question, or company value. Giving you the context you need to take appropriate action.

Topic summaries

Repeated discussions of a topic are summarised into a succinct paragraph, giving you a quick insight into multiple conversations.

Simple translation

Understand feedback from multilingual teams at the click of a button.

How it works

Peakon's proprietary machine learning algorithm analyses employee comments to discover common themes discussed within them. For example, in response to a question around personal growth you might expect to see the topic of "Training opportunities" or perhaps the name of training initiatives you have within your organisation e.g. "Acme Excellence Academy".

Each topic also displays a score. This is the average score of all the comments that are associated with the topic. This enables managers and leaders to quickly judge the sentiment around each topic, and prioritise accordingly.

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