The essence of your organisation

Measure your company values, and promote the behaviours that embody your business.

Align your team & vision

Businesses are more profitable and employees are more engaged when they understand - and can implement - their company’s core values. But only 41% of employees claim to know what it is that their organisation stands for.

Our values feature lets you track the alignment between your employees’ daily experience at work, and your business’ stated values. Targeted survey questions measure these most unique aspects of your organisation, helping you promote the right behaviours and build a culture that can fulfil your long-term vision.

A complete Values overview


Timeline views allow you to track how your employees are engaging with your company values over time. Observe the impact of the initiatives you implement to promote your beliefs and vision.

Segmentation & Heatmap

Easily compare different employee segments - such as regions, departments, age groups or job levels - to understand where your organisation’s values are and aren’t resonating with your team.

Comments & Topics

Add colour and nuance to your data with our intelligent text analytics. We gather employee comments on your values and highlight the important themes. Get the context you need to drive real change.

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