The Peakon Monthly May Broadcast

In many organisations, diversity and inclusion is an important part of their overall employee experience and strategic goals. In fact, the primary objective of diversity programmes in 38% of businesses, according to a 2017 PWC report, is to attract and retain talent. Our latest episode of the Peakon Monthly features Michael, Director of Employee Experience, Lizzie, Head of Customer Success UK, and Ieva, Data Scientist. They’ll talk about the psychology of inclusiveness, explain how to look at diversity in your organisation, and share the findings of our latest report on the positive impacts of women in leadership. Some of the other topics covered in this webinar include:
  • The pressure to conform as a result of organisational culture
  • Psychological safety and person-organisation fit
  • How to measure engagement across different populations in Peakon
  • Looking at the success of D&I initiatives throughout the employee journey
Learn how to create a more inclusive culture, measure D&I across your business and find out why female leadership is so important for higher levels of employee engagement.   If you have any questions about the product solutions discussed, please contact our team at or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. For anything else send me an email.