Sensitive Comments

Be alerted to cases of misconduct in your organisation

Peakon CEO, Phil Chambers, and Director of Product, Deepa Daniels, on why we created Sensitive Comments

3 min video

Feedback from your employees can surface many issues. Some are more sensitive than others, and require immediate attention.

General feedback

Highlighted comments

Sensitive comments

Employee comments provide additional context to your data, and allow you to better understand the daily experience of employees in your organisation.

Immediately notify your people leaders
about comments regarding

Violence and Criminal Behaviour

Detect words like:

Weapon Violent Kill Assault Injury Crime Terror Threat Abuse Rape + 30

Integrity and Ethics

Detect words like:

Corrupt Illegal Fraud Misconduct Unethical Theft Privacy Infringe Misrepresent + 30

Objectionable Behaviour

Detect words like:

Discriminate Ageism Racism Homophobia Bully Intimidate Mistreat + 30

Safety and Wellbeing

Detect words like:

Depression Victim Sex Psychopath Stress Harm Retaliate Punish Exploits + 30

How Sensitive Comments works


Our algorithms automatically detect any critical feedback left by your employees in 40+ languages. Sensitive comments are classified under four categories: violent criminal behavior, objectionable behavior, integrity and ethics, and safety and wellbeing.


We immediately notify the right people in your organisation. Real-time email and in-app alerts raise the most serious issues instantly.


Sensitive issues need to be addressed carefully. @mentions allow managers, HR and leadership to collaborate and respond to critical issues in the correct manner.

“A safe workplace is not just a prerequisite to employee engagement - its an ethical obligation that employers have to their employees”

Phil Chambers, CEO & Co-founder, Peakon

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