Accelerate individual and team performance with continuous feedback

Peakon Grow is a collaborative feedback platform that supports ongoing employee development at all levels through continuous performance feedback.

In order to support the growth and development of your people in real time, they need access to unbiased, timely and frequent multi-perspective feedback that relates to current projects and priorities.

Grow enables your organisation to adopt a more agile approach to employee development that increases engagement and makes it easy to demonstrate the impact of continuous performance feedback on employee performance.

What our customers say


We love the integration into Peakon Engage and the employee data and the familiarity with the brand. Our employees find it easy to use and after onboarding people are really excited!

Vicki West
Senior People Partner Head Office & People Operations Manager at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

Setting-up Grow took us about 45 minutes, we are so impressed with how it is integrated with Peakon Engage!

Karlee Carreiro
Human Resources Manager Tim Hortons - Jur Family Group

We value how performance feedback is critical to high-performance culture and elevates high performing teams.

Robyn Jorge
HR Lead - Employee Engagement & Development at The Warehouse Group

How Peakon Grow drives improved employee performance

Empower everyone to develop in real time

Peakon Grow provides all of your employees — from individual contributors to executive leaders — with regular feedback from collaborators, colleagues and mentors that understand their development needs.

Our platform relies on multiple perspectives to ensure high-quality feedback and reduce individual bias.

Improve adoption and collaboration

Make it easy for employees to understand their current performance — and the actions they can take to be successful.

Qualitative feedback provides context and makes it possible for mentors and managers to have ongoing conversations about growth.

Support ongoing learning and development

Peakon Grow provides personalised benchmarks and tailored content to keep people focused on the skills they need to meet their professional goals.

Employees have access to a personalised dashboard that provides contextual training and mentorship opportunities.

Save hundreds of hours of manager admin

Replace traditional performance reviews with ongoing, data-driven feedback conversations.

Peakon Grow facilitates more productive and goal-oriented coaching sessions, making it easier for managers to provide support, and employees to develop quickly.

Maximise engagement and accountability

Enable your people to form mentoring relationships across the organisation, and ensure feedback is transparent.

Peakon Grow also provides managers and employees with valuable tips on how to provide constructive peer feedback.