August Product Announcements

August Product Announcements
The Nordic Summer is going strong, with Copenhagen experiencing record temperatures over the past few weeks. We’ve also had a record number of Peakons using our remote working policy to make the most of the “Mediterranean Summer” – without seeing any decrease in productivity. Our product team is working hard on some big releases for September and October, but this month we’ve updated how engagement scores are displayed, added the option to include Values in your shareable dashboard, and made it easier to find comments that have sparked conversations.

eNPS or Average Engagement score? Everyone in the organisation can now switch to the engagement score that fits the way they work.

eNPS Dashboard The success of the Peakon platform is built on making your engagement data easy to understand, and intuitive for employees, managers and admins. When we designed our dashboard layout, we posed ourselves the question: should we display aggregated scores as averages, or as eNPS? These two metrics aren’t designed to be comparable, but they are equally valuable. If you want to learn more about how they can be used, here’s a short, helpful article about it. Ultimately, we decided that flexibility was key – we wanted our customers to be able to choose the way that was most suited to their organisation, so gave admins the ability to choose between the two.
  • After receiving feedback from some of our partners, we have now enabled the option to switch between the two different measurements for everyone. The standard view is still determined by the organisation’s global settings, chosen by their admin users. Each new Peakon session for every user will default to this view.
  • Individual users, such as managers, can now toggle between eNPS and average score at the click of a button, on any page displaying an aggregated engagement score (e.g. overviews, segments and topics). This allows them to choose the score format that works best for them.

View the survey round history of employees, and trigger send-outs to employees that aren’t part of an open round.

Open Feedback Round Admins are now able to see which survey rounds an employee has previously been involved in. While this doesn’t tell you if the employee responded, it does highlight whether they received the survey or not. This allows you to be sure who has received each survey, and when. Additionally, Peakon is able to notify you when an eligible employee is not included in a survey round that is currently open.  For example, this might occur when an employee joins a team after a survey round has already been sent out. You can now choose whether or not you wish to trigger a survey send-out to each of these eligible employees individually, depending on circumstance and suitability, with the click of a button.

Find comments that have inspired conversation between leaders and team members.

Comment Interactions Working with large organisations that receive thousands of comments has allowed us to use their feedback to improve our filtering and search capabilities. As well as helping users to find specific comments, these functions enable HR business partners and admins to explore their data, drill into specific engagement issues, and highlight best practice across the business. This makes it easier to to uncover insights and help team leaders improve the way they’re addressing employee feedback. The latest update allows users to filter by interaction. This allows managers to take a closer look at comments that have sparked discussion in order to understand what might have inspired conversation in the first place, how the issue was handled and what can be repeated next time.

Display your Values results on your shareable dashboards, and showcase the actions you’re taking to make improvements.

This is a Premier feature.

Shareable Values Dashboard Transparency and collaboration are two very important factors that can help to improve employee engagement. Some of our partners choose to demonstrate this by sharing their organisation’s Peakon results openly with employees using our Shareable Dashboard. This month we added the ability to include the scores from our Values feature – and your action plans for their improvement – in your shareable dashboard too. Our partners have been highlighting the positive impact that well-aligned values can have on employee engagement. These organisations seek more opportunities to communicate these values to employees, citing that they help to create accountability, facilitate action planning, and increase participation rates in future survey rounds. Hanging framed values on the wall is not enough. Measuring the extent to which employees espouse values, and sharing these results with your team, is key to bringing them to life. Ennis Reid, Head of Learning & Development at Old Mutual Wealth, says ”Progress with your values is an evolution, not a revolution.” Ennis shared his experience of working with values at Old Mutual Wealth during a discussion with our Senior Customer Success Manager, Joy Rees, in our latest webinar. The next few months will be very busy, full of exciting releases to help you support you managers and increase the engagement of your teams. Until next time, have a great summer, and hello from the Aegean Archipelagos.