A Pulse Survey That Plays to the Beat of Your Organisation

A Pulse Survey That Plays to the Beat of Your Organisation

Using a single global survey in a large and diverse organisation always came with compromises. Tying everyone to the same schedule could reduce the ability of managers to respond and address issues. And while many of the topics covered in engagement survey are universally applicable, using a single question-set could mean areas of worklife, specific to particular business units or locations, couldn’t be explored further.

At Peakon, we see many of our enterprise customers transitioning from annual to quarterly surveys, with the goal of becoming ever-more real-time in the future. This transition to a continuous feedback approach often occurs with a gradual introduction across the organisation, with particular departments wanting to move to a weekly or monthly pulse survey first.

Our latest platform update facilitates both the need to optimise for different areas of your business, and a seamless move towards real-time feedback. You can now run multiple survey schedules, frequencies, and questions across your organisation.

Launch a survey on different dates to fit the schedules of countries or departments. Add, remove, and customise questions, or include open-ended questions to get input and ideas on very specific topics. Restrict questions based on length of tenure, for example, to only ask employees for feedback around mentoring and career development after they’ve been with the company for six months.

It’s also easier to setup custom survey branding and communications for areas of the business. This is particularly helpful if employees see themselves as working for particular brands within your organisation rather than a parent company.

This new level of flexibility will enable you to further increase the quality of feedback provided by your employees, and the level of insight Peakon delivers. For existing customers, these platform updates are live now. You can learn more about business unit-specific schedules and questions, and we’ll work with you to optimise them for your organisation. If you’re new to Peakon, get in touch, we’d love to show you how taking a data-driven approach will increase employee engagement in your business.