Our New Shareable Dashboard: Why It’s So Important to Close the Feedback Loop and Involve Everyone in the Engagement Journey

Our New Shareable Dashboard: Why It’s So Important to Close the Feedback Loop and Involve Everyone in the Engagement Journey

You’ll be hard pressed these days to find a business that doesn’t profess to be “employee first”. What you will find – however – are plenty of businesses that have an “employee last” approach to engagement; i.e. the employees are the last people to see the results of their own engagement data. 

One of the reasons we founded Peakon is that we believe in engagement for all; a process that’s transparent, collaborative, and iterative. The old way of doing engagement – siloed, one-way, and hierarchical – bred disillusionment and fatigue amongst employees, who quite rightly felt they were being asked for feedback that just ended up in a black hole; powerpoint presentations that languished unread in someone’s inbox, or printouts that gathered dust on the CEO’s desk. 

Over the last year we’ve made some great steps towards our vision. The first was the ability to acknowledge comments, so that employees know that their voice is being heard. The second was the ability to engage in an anonymous two way dialog with employees, so that managers can clarify ambiguous comments and ensure that the right actions are being taken. Today is the big one though; the ability to share results directly with employees.


Whether you want to add Peakon to the big screen in the office – something that’s been a very popular request over the last two years – or to send it out via email, we’ve created this light version of the dashboard for you. We’ve taken out more sensitive areas (comments, comparisons between teams, etc.), and focused on the high-level trends in engagement and the “Key drivers” that give people a more objective view of where their workplace excels and where they have room for improvement.

There’s nothing like transparency to spur accountability and action, but sharing results with employees also goes a long way towards giving everyone a stake in improving. We see – not surprisingly – that the companies who lead the way with participation in each survey are those who do the most to communicate insights and topics back to employees.

If you’re already using Peakon, it only takes a couple of clicks to create a shareable dashboard for your organisation, a specific team or an office. This Help Centre article has all the details. If you’re new here, give us a call (+44 20 3176 6853) or write me a mail – and let’s talk about how you can create a feedback loop of listening, understanding and improving in your business.