Peakon and your HRIS: Our commitment to improving the future of work for everyone

Peakon and your HRIS: Our commitment to improving the future of work for everyone

In January, we shared the news that Peakon will become part of the Workday family. The response from our teams, our customers, and the market has been incredible. Today, with the acquisition complete, we’re proud to be Peakon, a Workday company.

Of course, with excitement and change, comes questions that we want to help address. In the many conversations we’ve had with our customers, one common question has come up:

“What does this partnership mean for us if we don’t use Workday as our HRIS?”

With Peakon now part of Workday, we want to reassure all Peakon customers — present and future — of our commitment to providing an open solution.

Whether your organization operates on an enterprise platform like those from SAP, Oracle, or any other HRIS, Peakon will continue to integrate with it seamlessly.

Peakon’s mission is to help every employee drive the change they want to see, and that means working with any HRIS that’s used at an employee’s workplace.

As we continue to develop our roadmap, we’ll be guided by the principle of being “best in class, even better in suite.” From intelligently gathering feedback, empowering every stakeholder, and linking initiatives to business outcomes, we’re committed to continuously improving this process for you – regardless of the HRIS, you’re using. We’re excited to join Workday and to be able to provide a new level of insight to our customers using Peakon’s solutions and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). We can’t wait to share more of this vision in the future and are excited for the opportunities ahead.