We’re Sponsoring Team Rynkeby for their Charity Ride - Here’s Why

We’re Sponsoring Team Rynkeby for their Charity Ride - Here’s Why

At Peakon, one of our values we live and breathe every day is ‘We Care’. For us, it means that we act with kindness, respect and empathy for one another, our customers and the community around us.

It’s with this in mind that this year, we’ve decided to show our support for charity cycling initiative Team Rynkeby as a gold sponsor on their upcoming ride from Copenhagen to Paris from 29th June to 6th July.

Founded in 2002, the team — then 11 amateur cyclists — decided to make the 1,200km journey to reach Paris in time for the Tour de France finale race to raise money for the children’s cancer department at Odense University Hospital in Denmark.

Over the years, the team has grown to 2,000 participants from countries including Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany, and their good cause is backed by many companies — including Peakon.

In 2018, Team Rynkeby collected a total of €9 million in donations to support the children’s cancer department at Odense University Hospital, as well as other organisations supporting sick children. 

Ahead of their long ride, a handful of the team’s cyclists visited us at our Copenhagen office so we could give them a great send-off. Thomas Olsen, a member of Rynkeby’s Vestegnen team explained their involvement with the initiative:

“Teamwork is really the core of this charity,” he explained. “I especially want to highlight the supporting crew; they handle the mechanics and prepare all the food and social gatherings throughout the week as volunteers. They are as important as the cyclists — if not more.” 

“We do it for the children,” he added, “as well as for the experience of biking through beautiful nature and for the incredible team spirit.” 

We wish them luck on their long journey to Paris!


Författare - Camille Hogg