How We Work

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We are thrilled to be involved in this years edition of How We Work, organised by the Human Resources Manager magazine and Quadriga University of Applied Sciences. The conference is concerned with the constant change in the world of work, characterized by digitization, globalization, individualization and demographic change. But not only the world of work is changing, the values and demands of workers are also changing. The concept of ”New Work” is no longer just about beautifully furnished offices. Whether the chairs are green or white is no longer crucial – even if, of course, a pretty office encourages people to stay. Above all, however, it is now about new kind of leadership, as well as working models and structures adapted to the employees. We are part of a Startup tour and are happy to show our beautiful office space but our very own Franzi will also speak about how we work at Peakon and what our guiding principles and values are.