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We are super excited to host the second edition of #Smartwork2018 in our new beautiful office at Mehringdamm 33, an event series initiated by WorkGenius, a Hamburg based startup that offers an AI-powered infrastructure for enterprises to match their work with students and freelancers.

Together with WorkGenius, we bring together experts and HR managers to discuss how to develop and foster talent in a smart and value-based manner.

We are currently putting together the panel discussion that will be moderated by Karsten Lemm, renowned, renowned journalist and correspondent, former senior editor of WIRED Germany.

Stay tuned!



Daniel Barke
CEO & Co-Founder @WorkGenius
Daniel Barke
Martin Daniel
Community Manager DACH
Martin Daniel
Martin is the go-to-guy in Berlin, working tirelessly to spread the story of Peakon by building events and partnerships for our community in the DACH region. When he’s not brainstorming exciting new events and campaigns, he pursues his football career, with limited success (so far).