Actionable insights

Ask feedback plan actions

Maximise your engagement, retention, and productivity. We are a data company. We collect and distribute the right data to offer an all actionable and trackable interface. Ongoing quality feedback, visualised into actionable insights, turned into actions towards improvement.

Your Priorities and Strengths

You have plenty of data; Do you know where to start from? Peakon does. Take immediate action for the key drivers of engagement and the highlighted segments where Peakon identifies strengths and priorities across your organisation. Thanks to the consistent question set, Peakon has developed proven models, tested over millions of question and comment responses, that can help give insight into the key drivers of engagement and departmental strengths/priorities, not just high/low scores.

Priorities & Strengths

Peakon highlights over and underperforming areas. Act accordingly as the actionable insights suggest to


Within each highlighted segment and driver, there is a personal Peakon summary for every Manager. It provides the immediacy of action

Quality feedback

It's not about data. It's about the intelligent collection, curation and distribution of data.


This is only achievable by asking the right thing, at the right target group at the right time. Set the segmentation settings and feedback collection schedules that reflect your organisation. It's easy. Yet priceless.


Peakon instantly highlights your Priorities and Strengths across drivers, subdrivers and segments and Values. It aggregates and quantifies the comments, provides summaries and suggested actions.


Your segmentation settings define the right insights for the right Manager. Share only what's relevant to them. Empower them with the actionable insights to address their teams' ongoing feedback.

Actionable Visualisations

The total score is a good overview. It helps you understand where you stand in comparison to the benchmarks. It is an important KPI to share with the Executive team or the big office screen. On your journey towards improvement, you need the ongoing progress. Peakon visualizes all insights with that in mind.


View the trend line and the heat map. An important visualization whether your people are becoming more engaged and values-driven.

Heatmap & Cards

Understand in a glimpse how all of your segments are performing across all drivers of culture and engagement and dive deeper to those which are highlighted to take action

Actionable colors

The gradience of orange and green indicate your priorities and strengths accordingly while adding a sense of immediacy

Score context, quantified

Add context to the scores with comments without getting lost in the number or their translation. Peakon aggregates them based on a common theme discussed within them to create a Topic while it quantifies it by givving a score so that you can prioritise to take action. A converstation is a two way street and this is the only way for high quality feedback


Topics can be multi-worded, because "development" and "development plan" is not the same


Peakon removes words from the question phrasing and down-prioritize commonly occurring words


Peakon attaches the topics to a driver. The provided context to the Topic translate your insights into actions


Get an insight to a broad conversation in a few seconds. The most indicative of all the comments that make up a Topic, presented in a paragraph


Understand feedback from multilingual teams at the click of a button in any browser and device of your preference.

Act as a team

Engagement is for all. Transparency assists your managers to earn trust from their teams by sharing important insights. Action automatically becomes a responsibility of all, a collaborative process. The priorities need teamwork to overcome, while your strengths need team spirit to celebrate and replicate across the business.

Shareable Dashboard

Choose only the actions you feel confident populating and add them on your shared dashboard. Your engagement score, highlighted segments, actions and values will all live together for everyone's awareness.

Digest email

Communicate and notify on a daily basis or just after the completion of your next round the highlights of your dashboard. Only the actions you have pre-chosen will be visible


Enable the managers to define actions based on insights and suggestions from Peakon. Allow executives to monitor and support these efforts and follow their progress. Give a roll-up view of actions taken across your organisation.

Utforska andra funktioner


Öka produktivitet, bibehållande och affärsresultat med Peakon

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Medarbetarupplevelse och bibehållande

Optimera medarbetarupplevelsen från början till slut med Peakon

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Fostra nästa generations ledarskap i organisationen med Peakon

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Mångfald och inkludering

Skapa en inkluderande organisation med datadrivna insikter från Peakon

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Betrodda av hundratals av världens bästa arbetsplatser

Hjälp alla inom organisationen att nå sin fulla potential

Peakon samlar in medarbetarfeedback, analyserar den och förser dig med de insikter du behöver för att förbättra verksamheten i realtid.