Attrition Prediction

Win them before you lose them

Your people are the most valuable asset of your organisation. Track its heartbeat and empower your managers to address feedback and improve their teams' engagement. We help you dive deeper to find patterns and understand the risk of losing your people.

Multiple points of engagement

Your highly engaged employees will unlikely become regrettable churn for your organisation. Specifically, the ones that form strong emotional ties to the company are 87% less likely to leave their jobs. What you cannot predict though is whether these employees will be engaged in the future. You can now dive deeper with the use of additional engagement points.

Segment highly engaged employees with lower than the benchmark loyalty. This is a signal for their future decision in the case their engagement scores might drop for unpredictable reasons. Apart from Loyalty we also examine their Belief for the company and their overall Satisfaction.

Loyalty is a signal

Loyalty is the main point of engagament that alerts for attrition when combined with the overall engagement and compared with the company benchmark. Measure the loyalty of your people to understand the segments in your organisation where their scores vary significantly from the company benchmark. Take proactive action by celebrating your strengths and nurturing the segments which Peakon flags as priorities before becoming a real problem.

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