Working Better Together

Working Better Together

How do the attitudes and experiences of each generation differ in the workplace? Get the insights to ensure that your employees stay engaged - regardless of their age.

What's Inside

We now find ourselves with five different generations in the workforce. Digital natives who had a Facebook profile long before they had a job are working alongside veteran colleagues who remember when fax machines and floppy disks were revolutionary technology.

As a result, many myths have surfaced about the different generations in the workplace, and about what sets them apart—leading to lingering and often unhelpful stereotypes.

In this report, we shine a light on how the attitudes and experiences of each generation in the workplace differ, in order to help organisations better cater to the needs of their workforce.

What you will learn

  • How engagement change depending on when you were born
  • The impact of tenure on engagement for different generations
  • What matters most to Baby Boomers and Millennials in the workplace
  • Addressing the challenges of a multigenerational workforce

Uncover the insights to build a thriving multigenerational workplace.

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