Engaging with the community


Our mission

Peakon was created to help set organizations on a new course. Where employees know they’re listened to, managers learn from their decisions and become better leaders, and entire organizations see a step-change in what they can achieve. We also believe that Peakon can contribute to society by improving the quality of workplaces and engaging with communities around the world.

Peakon for good

We designed our "Peakon for good" initiative to support philanthropic organizations and help them to achieve their goals. This includes internal team events and fundraising in support of our partners’ missions, as well as providing NGOs with a special rate for the Peakon platform.


We started Peakon with the aim of building the kind of company that we wanted to work for—a company that is compassionate, supportive, and brings about a positive change in the world.

We try to live up to this vision, not just through the service we provide, but by giving back to our communities as well. Our charity and community work is a fundamental part of the commitment we made when we started our journey.


Powering some of the most innovative
charity an non-profit organizations around the globe