Developing Leadership Skills with Peakon

Developing Leadership Skills with Peakon

Managers are at the heart of any good engagement strategy. Company culture creates the conditions that allow people to thrive, while managers translate your values into everyday actions and act as the catalyst that keeps employees engaged over the long-term.

Some leaders are born, others are made, and with the right coaching and development, anyone can learn how to become an effective leader. The challenge isn’t a lack of people with a natural aptitude for leadership, it’s how to create an effective and scalable leadership development program that is personalised to each individual. Managers need the resources to learn skills that can be applied to team-specific problems as and when they’re needed.

Why traditional leadership development doesn’t work

Existing leadership development solutions rely on a one-size-fits-all approach that is often overwhelming and impersonal. Managers don’t always have time to spare for classroom-based learning and extensive online courses that can take days, if not weeks to complete.

These lessons can also lack a clear application to the real world, failing to take into account the specific needs or circumstances of managers and their teams.

The introduction of online learning platforms has added a degree of personalisation, but these often require significant input from HR and L&D teams to identify the needs of managers across the business, and then tailor online resources accordingly.

Peakon’s approach to leadership development

The best way to learn is to learn by doing. Peakon’s new Improve area delivers training and advice that managers can implement immediately, thanks to a stream of continuous data.

Our Improve features are integrated seamlessly alongside each manager’s employee engagement dashboard – allowing us to offer coaching based on the priorities identified from their team’s feedback after each survey round. This ensures that guidance is provided at the time of need, and empowers managers to take action based on their team’s feedback.

Ultimately, time matters, and people leaders often don’t have much to spare. That’s why Improve offers contextual coaching in three different content formats: Micro-Courses, Suggested Actions and Resources. All of our content is designed to be accessible on mobile, which gives managers the option of developing their leadership skills on-the-go.

1. Micro-Courses

Micro-Courses take ten minutes or less to complete and provide managers with new skills that can be put into practice immediately. Created by our Organisational Development Science team, each of the lessons is supported by decades of scientific research.

Lessons conclude with a Suggested Action that encourages team leaders to make improvements based on their new knowledge. Our Micro-Courses are built around Peakon’s engagement methodology, which increases the likelihood of manager actions having a measurable impact.

2. Suggested Actions

Peakon automatically provides suggested short- and long-term actions to help managers address feedback more effectively and implement meaningful changes after each survey round. Suggested Actions appear in a manager’s dashboard while they are reviewing their engagement priorities, or after completing an individual Micro-Course.

3. Resources

To account for different learning styles and time constraints, we provide high-quality articles and videos on a wide range of management topics. They combine bespoke, in-house content and handpicked subject matter from trusted publishers such as HBR and TED.

Add your own custom resources and actions in Peakon

Leadership qualities are universal, but every organisation will have a different approach to leadership development. To support organisations with their own leadership training materials who want to maintain consistency across different learning platforms, we’ve made it possible to add your own multimedia content in Peakon.

This allows you to include your own training materials alongside those already provided in Peakon, which can help to reinforce your leadership principles and company values across the business. Unlike self-serve solutions, Peakon gives you a way to provide managers with the right mix of content based on the needs of their team.

Developing future leaders through contextual learning

People learn best when they’re able to apply new information in the real world, which makes learning by doing the most effective way to develop future leaders. Peakon’s new Improve area equips managers with the skills to meet the needs of their teams, and encourages them to act immediately. The result is managers that become the leaders their team needs.

The Improve area is now available in every manager’s dashboard. Managers can access content directly, or via their priority drivers, which highlights recommended learning material.

To learn more, watch the webinar below or take a look at our in-depth help centre article.