Peakon Management Priorities: Your Real-Time Engagement Action Plan

While 85 percent of business leaders ranked engagement as a top priority in Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital Trends report, only 46 percent of executives claimed they were well prepared to tackle engagement challenges. This marks a small improvement on the previous report – reflecting the growing trend of retiring annual surveys and performance reviews, in favour of pulse surveys, social feedback tools, and weekly one-on-one meetings. But for most companies, these new ways of listening to employees only deliver half the solution. The questions is: what to do next with all that feedback?

A unique action plan for every department leader

With our latest update, priorities from Peakon will now provide an actionable engagement strategy for every department in your organisation. These priorities are based on predictive analysis – understanding the factors that influence the engagement of employees, and the management practices that deliver the greatest ROI. Take the example of the marketing VP, whose Peakon dashboard we see in the screenshot above. Peakon has identified that “Goal setting” and “Recognition” have a strong influence on engagement across the organisation and so they’re set as a priority at a company-wide level. “Freedom of opinions”, however, is a priority specifically for her. This is based on data showing that engagement in the marketing department will increase significantly if employees feel they can share ideas and opinions more openly with their peers and managers. Other department-heads will receive their own specific priorities suited to the dynamics of their teams. The organisation’s CEO, Hayden, has set “Strategy” as a priority for all managers to work on, and we can see that Peakon has flagged segments of the marketing team that require further attention – the Content Marketing team and the New York office are significantly less engaged, in comparison to the rest of organisation.

Improved notifications, plus insights in your inbox

As a manager, you’ll now receive a notification when new priorities are identified. When improvements are recognised – to the extent that a priority no longer needs to be a focus area – you’ll also be notified. Peakon will also point out high-performing groups you manage. For instance the Stockholm office and SEO team in the screenshot above. This can be a good source of ideas and best practices to replicate in less-engaged teams. Along with in-product notifications, we’ve also massivly upgraded the emails you’ll receive from Peakon. You’ll now get a snapshot of the key insights from your dashboard, in your inbox – including:
Engagement – an overview of your overall score and how it’s trending, along with a download link for a PowerPoint presentation of Peakon insights for your next manager meeting.
Priorities – detail on your recommended focus areas, notifications of when new priorities have been added or completed.
Strengths – the factors with a major positive influence on engagement, and high-performing teams who stand out from the organisation as a whole.
Comments – a sample of the most important comments made by employees (both negative and positive), along with responses to open-ended questions.
All these improvements are live now, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got any questions about this update or introducing Peakon to managers in your organisation.