From Insights to Actions: Peakon Launches Transparent, Accountable Approach to Action Planning

From Insights to Actions: Peakon Launches Transparent, Accountable Approach to Action Planning
Every great leader has a different approach to reaching their goals. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. He was a great planner and tried to take into consideration everything before committing to an action. Alexander the Great, on the other hand, was more to the point. In the legend of the Gordian Knot, an oracle declared that whomever was able to unravel its tangled fibres would be destined to become the next King of Asia. While his rivals struggled without success, Alexander reasoned that it would make no difference how the knot was loosened, so he drew his sword and sliced it in half with a single stroke. 

Well informed or overwhelmed?

In this technological era, we have more than enough information at our fingertips for Lincoln to act as fast as Alexander the Great, and for both of them to be well-informed about the right course of action. In fact, the quantity of data we have access to can sometimes overwhelm our decision making. To make the right decisions, you don’t need endless amounts of information, just the right information.  What really defines a well-informed leader is actionable insight – in the right format, from the right source, at the right time. According to the theory of Action Research on Organisational Development, the ideal decision-making process is a cycle: diagnosis, data gathering, feedback, and action planning. Peakon is built on this very principle. Once your data is imported into the platform, you are naturally operating within a continuous feedback loop

Obtaining useful and effective feedback

The feedback loop is powered by the frequent survey responses from your team. Our intelligent question sampling ensures that you are asking the right questions to the right people at the right time, which alongside our methodology, guarantees a high quality of feedback. The next step is to empower your leaders with actionable insights. Peakon recommends priorities based on the impact of each driver on engagement and its deviation from the True Benchmark, while adding context through the analysis of employee comments.  Now you are well-informed, the final step is to close the loop by planning your initiatives, and tracking their performance over time.

Introducing Actions: closing the feedback loop

We’re excited to bring you a new approach to action planning – right inside the Peakon dashboard. This feature adds transparency, accountability and collaboration to the most crucial stage of your employee engagement process, while keeping all the information you need in one place. 

Linking solutions to problems

Peakon Actions is the final piece of the puzzle in the feedback cycle and a dynamic way to address your survey results. The fact that your solutions sit directly alongside the issues makes it the most powerful way to action plan, and allows you to track the impact of your initiatives over subsequent feedback rounds.

Actions that empower managers to become leaders

Peakon kickstarts the planning process with Suggested Actions that provide inspiration and guidance on the kind of initiatives that best influence each engagement driver. Managers can also assign their own actions to drivers directly, enabling them to work effectively on the priorities they receive in the dashboard.  Additionally, they have the ability to set deadlines, leave notes and share their actions with the team through our sharable dashboard feature. The involvement of the team brings more collaboration and excitement around driving change within the organisation. 

Accountability, transparency and collaboration

Peakon Actions also provides senior leadership with visibility across the business. The actions logged by managers can be monitored, allowing those who are driving real change to have their efforts recognised. The Actions Overview provides an understanding of all the actions being taken, as well as their context. Admins can further support managers by adding to their action plans to help them improve engagement in their team. 

Try Actions for yourself

Peakon Actions is available today to all Premium & Enterprise customers. Learn how to enable the feature for your organisation in the help centre, or request a personal walk-through from your customer success manager. If you’re new to Peakon and are looking to increase employee engagement in your business, we’ll be more than happy to show you how with a short demo.