Peakon’s New Mobile App Reduces the Time It Takes for Managers to Act on Employee Feedback

Peakon’s New Mobile App Reduces the Time It Takes for Managers to Act on Employee Feedback

When you give managers access to their team’s feedback, two things happen: It allows managers to identify and respond to issues as they happen, and gives them a way to measure the outcomes of their actions so that they can become better leaders.

Without the proper tools and insights, this can place an additional strain on managers, who already have to deal with heavy workloads and often lack the time to invest in their team.

In order to address these issues, we’ve developed a mobile app that provides managers with a simplified view of their team’s engagement, which in turn reduces the time it takes to act on employee feedback, and makes it possible for people leaders to get results on the go.

The app is live! See what it can do for you and your team

The current version of our manager mobile makes it easy to view survey results, respond to employee comments and collaborate with other people across the business.

Employee engagement surveys on mobile
Give your team a way to respond to their engagement survey and submit feedback without the need for a desktop.

A simplified overview of survey results
Make sense of engagement scores with a single glance. Track how engagement and participation rates have changed over time.

Clear strengths and priorities
See what’s working, investigate what’s not. Peakon will highlight the areas that need attention, allowing managers to form a plan of action.

Respond to employee comments on the go
Start confidential two-way conversations to identify possible solutions. Filter comments by type, score and previous interactions.

Collaborate with other teams
Use internal notes to get support from HR, alert senior leaders about important issues, and share useful information with other managers.

Develop new leadership skills
Tap into personalised micro-courses which provide bite-sized leadership lessons based on the current priorities of your team.

What’s next for our manager mobile app?

An updated version of the app is already in development and will incorporate our Action Planning features. The updated version will make it easy for managers to improve engagement using recommended actions.

We’re also working an Android version of the app, which is well underway, and will allow managers to access their team’s insights on the go – regardless of operating system.

Download the app now, or click here to read more about how it works in our help centre. To learn more about empowering managers to act, and how it can drive long-term improvements in employee engagement, get in touch for a copy of our latest report.