Peakon Launches "Conversations" – Real-Time Dialogue With Your Employees

This week we put one more nail in the coffin of annual employee surveys, with the launch of “conversations”. We’ve also added a new level of detail to Peakon’s engagement analytics with “sub-drivers” (more on this below). Conversations enable managers to easily have a dialogue around employee feedback, directly with that employee, all without compromising the employee’s confidentiality. It’s extremely useful if you want to acknowledge feedback, clarify a point, or enter into a dialogue around an issue that has been raised. You can also add notes that are only visible to management about more concerning issues you might have seen, so that other admins know it’s being actioned. It’s easy to use: just click the new conversation icon on a comment to open the dialogue pane, and type your message. It goes out to the employee via email, and they can simply reply to that email – no login required.

Sub-drivers – more specific insights and recommendations

Peakon’s 14 “driver” questions enable us to apply decades of theory around engagement to learn what’s motivating (or demotivating) employees in every area of your organisation. Previously, we added sub-driver questions – these follow up on driver questions to learn more about potential issues. For example, if personal growth is a problem for employees, sub-drivers will discover whether people feel they aren’t learning enough in their day-to-day work, whether there’s someone in the company who can help mentor them, and how satisfied they are with recent development conversation. With this update, the insights from these questions can now be visualised on your dashboard. In the screenshot below, Environment has three sub-drivers (Collaboration, Equipment, Informal) – you can see their scores, and how they’re trending on the graph. Mouse-over the name of any driver or sub-driver and you’ll now find a full description, with some background on the theory behind the question. If there’s a sub-driver with a particularly high influence on engagement, you’ll find that Peakon will now recommend this as a priority for you to focus on improving. If you have any questions about these features, or indeed any feedback for us generally, don’t hesitate to send me an email.