Our values are what make us uniquely Peakon. They are the foundation of our culture, the achievements we celebrate, and the way we make decisions—from the features we develop, to how we treat each other in the workplace.

We defined these values together and they resonate with everyone who works here. We hope they resonate with you too.

Transparency is Our OS

Our business is built on data. We know organizations and individuals are more successful when their decisions are based on the evidence and insight that data provides.

The availability of data depends first and foremost on transparency. Therefore we all take active steps to share relevant information and knowledge that will help others do their jobs well.

But transparency is not just a strategy. As our operating system, it’s a behavior for every Peakon to live by.

This means being open about our goals and intentions, putting work up for peer-review, and providing candid, respectful feedback so others can learn and grow.

We particularly value when people:

  • Purposely share information to support others’ learning and judgement calls
  • Are open about their perspective on things and the rationale behind their views
  • Set clear expectations by working to open KPIs, plans, and roadmaps
  • Use transparency and the availability of information to make evidence-based decisions

Serious, not seriously

Organizations trust us to inform big decisions that influence hundreds of thousands of people. Those people trust us to give them a voice, and to protect their data.

Peakon is a serious business. However, that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves too seriously.

We celebrate success, but we know arrogance and egos inhibit innovation and take the fun out of what we’re doing.

Peakon is a safe space for weird and wonderful ideas. We believe humor and humility help to establish a trusting environment, break down barriers, and build stronger relationships.

We particularly value when people:

  • Can take their work seriously but themselves a little less so
  • Use humour and humility to break down barriers, build trust, and form authentic relationships
  • Are able to laugh when things get tough and it’s time to persevere
  • Want to bring a little bit of weirdness to work

We care

To care means being emotionally and intellectually invested in the success and well-being of our coworkers, customers, communities, and ourselves.

This requires active listening to understand the needs and ambitions of others. It calls for empathy and taking the time to help, even when it’s not always convenient.

It also requires having challenging conversations. Truly caring means not just saying what people want to hear; it’s about having their best interest at heart, and showing it.

When we care, we become ambassadors for the Peakon mission, inside and outside of work.

We particularly value when people:

  • Show kindness and respect for each other, our customers, and the community around us
  • Strive to see things from others' perspectives, especially when they have opposing views
  • Understand the goals and aspirations of other team members, and how to support their success
  • Can always find time to talk

Build for tomorrow, today

Innovation is not just about doing something new, it’s also about doing something purposeful, and impactful.

We need to be holistic problem-solvers who go beyond treating symptoms and instead identify root causes. In doing so, we will find the solutions that scale for years, not months.

This also requires us to challenge prevailing assumptions and avoid resting on our laurels. Not all the qualities that beat the competition today will help us win tomorrow.

Having a defined vision—and executing it methodically—will ensure our long-term success.

We particularly value when people:

  • Make decisions that work today and in the long term
  • Challenge prevailing assumptions in the business and continuously reinvent what they do
  • Go beyond fixing symptoms, and identify root causes
  • Define a clear vision and set out a plan for how they want to achieve it

Raise the bar

In everything we do, we need to continuously iterate and improve. In doing so, we will deliver an ever-increasing quality level that others recognize as unmistakably Peakon.

Hiring people who bring something new to our team—and who we can all learn from—is key. It's a responsibility we all share as part of building the company you want to work for.

To raise the bar requires being selective about what to spend time on and what not to. It’s a recognition that just doing more doesn’t always deliver more.

At scale, even small changes and improvements to the right things will lead to a big increase in what we can collectively achieve.

We particularly value when people:

  • Consistently find process improvements and “one-percenters”
  • Question how resources are directed and if they could be better used elsewhere
  • Take the quality of our collective end-product to a new level
  • Are meticulous about hiring, taking their time until they’re sure of the right candidate

Be you. Be more.

Peakon will only have a rich, vibrant culture if we all aspire to bring our full selves to work, and we celebrate each other for doing so. Everyone here should feel they can write their part in the Peakon story.

We recognize that when work becomes an act of self-expression, we reach the peak of productivity, well-being, and belonging.

To be more requires a growth mindset: a belief that who we are is not fixed and that we can overcome challenges, learn from mistakes, and become the people we want to be.

We believe each member of our team has something unique to teach others and that this belief will support everyone in finding the path to their full potential.

We particularly value when people:

  • Demand more from work than just a job
  • Celebrate the different personalities, backgrounds, and work styles of team mates
  • Bring their full selves to work and influence Peakon’s culture in their own way
  • Look to learn, improve, and grow from both positive and negative situations