The Leading Employee Engagement Survey Platform

Peakon surveys your employees, and converts their feedback into insights you can put to work.


Helping hundreds of the world's best workplaces to survey their employees and improve employee engagement

The right questions, answered in real time

We help organizations listen at the right time and automate what to ask, who to ask, and when to ask. Employees can voice their perspectives more regularly through a single, connected survey experience that allows you to maintain a continuous dialogue, across the employee lifecycle, while reducing administrative burden. The intelligence of our platform helps to surface what’s actually happening in your organisation across a broad range of topics, so you can take action on what needs to be prioritized right now.

Ensure every employee has their voice heard

Peakon gathers feedback from every employee in your organization by meeting them where they are, anonymously and in real time. Our highly accessible surveys are delivered across devices — via email, Slack, kiosk and SMS. They work anywhere, across geographies and industries, and are translated into more than 50 languages to ensure maximum participation.


Gain real-time insights built on our unparalleled engagement dataset

With the largest global employee feedback data set in the world, our advanced machine learning creates insights that are based on the unique demographic composition of your organization. Our analytics and insights surface customized benchmarks that compare survey results against similar organizations, so you always have a realistic view of your progress.

Insights that drive action, not just measurement

Peakon provides everyone with quick and contextualised training, a curated content library, and recommended actions based on their feedback and personalized to their immediate needs. This helps employees at all levels convert feedback into action, and action into real change.


Connect your employee data to business success metrics

Our dashboards integrate employee engagement data with other key business metrics — such as sales growth and customer satisfaction — so you always have a view of how a world-class employee experience impacts your overall operation, and drives business success.


"Throughout our implementation, the Peakon team has been a strong and reliable collaborator - always available, knowledgeable and open to comments. We knew we could count on the team and Peakon to be proactive and help us build a solid solution for both our retail and corporate associate types."


"With Peakon, we've been able to listen to and hear the voice of our employees from New York to Hong Kong. Before Peakon, the process for reaching employees globally required a lot of manual administrative work from our team; we love how we can now quickly and effectively gather insights in the employee's preferred language and time zone. With those insights and Peakon's Data Scientists, we now have unparalleled insight and guidance for our employee engagement strategy and its alignment with our business strategy and outcomes."

Help every employee drive the change they want to see

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