Peakon Exceeds 100 Million Employee Responses As It Grows Largest Standardized Dataset Worldwide

With more than 100 million employee survey responses and 25 million employee comments from across 160 countries, Peakon continues to reveal workplace trends and help businesses truly understand their workforces 

COPENHAGEN, LONDON, BERLIN, AUCKLAND and NEW YORK (October 15, 2020) // Today Peakon – an employee success platform – surpassed a milestone of 100 million employee survey responses and 25 million employee comments, from across 160 countries.  Peakon uses this wealth of data – the largest standardized dataset of employee feedback worldwide – to compile its Heartbeat by Peakon reports, and reveal the latest findings from the world of work, where people spend a third of their lives.  The quantitative and qualitative nature of the data enables us to finally debunk workplace myths, and to understand what people really want from work. With these first 100 million aggregated data points, Peakon has uncovered how generations differ at work, and has even predicted employee turnover.  Our Heartbeat Employee Voice report revealed that employees aren’t really interested in one-off perks. Instead, they value the opportunity to grow, clear communication, and have better managers. Our 9-Month Warning report looked into measurable warning signs that show up exactly nine months before an employee decides to leave a job. In this report, we also disclosed that people leave unchallenging work, not a challenging workload. And most recently, in The Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Engagement report, Peakon revealed how the pandemic has transformed employee sentiment towards remote work, wellbeing, and growth worldwide. Standardised dataset Peakon’s methodology** is based on decades of organizational psychology. It centers around a core, standard question set, which consists of main engagement questions and further ‘driver questions’ to elicit what is driving your engagement level – whether you’re the head of business intelligence at a multinational hospitality firm in Singapore, or an engineer working on an oil platform in the North Sea.  We also use standardized demographic attributes, such as gender, age, and tenure, so we can take into account, for example, the period of time an employee has been in their job. We understand that factors like these can have an impact on scoring. When discrepancies across companies, countries, languages, and industries are accounted for, all that remains are shared human truths about how we work best, helping businesses to better understand their people’s needs and expectations.  It also means that Peakon can segment the data to analyze how the workplace experience varies between different employee populations, and to better understand what is motivating different employee groups.  Benchmarking that’s fit for purpose Benchmarks are an essential tool for understanding employee engagement performance in relation to a specific industry, company, or even team. Peakon’s standardized approach allows businesses to benchmark data in a variety of ways to help them understand how their organization or team is performing.  Peakon’s benchmarking allows companies to choose between an all-company benchmark, or an industry-specific benchmark. Additionally, customers can use Peakon’s unique feature, True Benchmark®, which enables a tailored benchmarking approach – combining the demographic make-up of each team in an organization with general trends around tenure, age, gender, occupation, seniority, and office location. It is even possible to benchmark your health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and your COVID-19 data when using the standard question sets. Commenting on the milestone, Peakon Director of Data Science Joe Cainey said:As the pandemic hit, employees globally looked to their organizations for support, reassurance and guidance. They used Peakon to confidentially and safely share their feedback, needs and expectations. With nearly 22,000 written comments each day, Peakon provides the context around the engagement scores, and benchmarks this accurately. It’s essential for businesses to have metrics that are anchored in real-world expectations. And this is why our benchmarks don’t remain static – so that events such as COVID-19 can be taken into account.”  Peakon CEO and co-founder Phil Chambers added:I’m incredibly proud to have reached this 100 million data points milestone. We’ve collated an unprecedented wealth of quantitative and qualitative data on the world of work, and it grows bigger by the day. Indeed, every second an employee around the world answers a Peakon survey question, and about every four seconds an employee leaves a comment.  “Businesses gain continuous and intelligent insights into what inspires, motivates, and fulfils their employees at work. And meanwhile, we’re able to turn our mission into reality – to help employees drive the change they want to see, and enable businesses to successfully transform by bringing their people along with them.   Heartbeat by Peakon reports can be accessed and downloaded here. ** The Peakon Methodology Peakon measures 14 underlying workplace factors that decades of research in behavioural psychology, management theory, and human motivation has shown to influence employee engagement. The research that underpins each driver is fully explained in The Psychology of Employee Engagement eBook. The Peakon question set includes 45 questions in total, which companies distribute weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly to monitor rising and falling levels of engagement. The full question set can be found in this help center article. Through Peakon surveys, employees are regularly asked a series of core questions about each of the 14 drivers of engagement. Employees respond to each question by rating how strongly they agree with the statements on a 0 to 10 scale. With each engagement and driver question, employees are given the option to leave a comment about the score they gave. This gives employees the opportunity to explain what may be motivating or demotivating them in the workplace in more detail, and provides additional qualitative insight to the dataset.   About Peakon Peakon is an employee success platform that converts feedback into insights. It makes the employee conversation quantifiable and actionable to increase employee engagement – not simply measure it. Peakon’s core belief is that work should work for people, and with the largest standardized data set of employee feedback in the world, Peakon provides customized benchmarks and personalized insights to support our mission of helping every employee drive the change they want to see. To date, Peakon has helped organizations like Capgemini, Verizon, Pret, Trustpilot, and easyJet make fundamental changes in how they operate to improve employee experience, driving greater business results.  Press contacts  Emily Hardy PR & Social Media Marketing Manager M +44 7308674168 E  Kasia Kosior Brand and Communications Director M +44 7727 62 24 04 E  


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