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Our continuous feedback platform provides real-time, actionable insights for managers and executives. Understand what’s driving engagement in your organization.

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Everything to improve engagement:
A robust methodology based on decades of scientific research
A user experience proven to reduce survey fatigue
Personalized insights that encourage leaders to take ownership
Reply to comments directly while preserving employee anonymity
Protect your employees with instant alerts for harassment and discrimination
Track the improvement in your culture & engagement in real time


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Advanced analytics provide engagement insights from onboarding to exit. Uncover and address the root causes of attrition. Manage your workflow with Peakon Actions.

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Everything in essential, plus:
Reach everyone in your organization with SMS and kiosk surveys
Run multiple surveys, on different schedules, at the same time
Send targeted questions to different employee groups.
Set more accurate targets with intelligent benchmarks
Summarize thousands of employee comments into key topics
Receive detailed insight into each phase of your employee experience: From onboarding to exit.
Uncover the causes of employee turnover with your Separation Report.
Actions: Track & manage your employee engagement initiatives


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The complete engagement toolkit. Use the power of predictive analytics to make strategic decisions. Curated training modules develop your managers into leaders.

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Everything in business, plus:
Real-time prediction of your attrition risk: Optimize your engagement and recruitment strategies.
Develop leadership skills among your managers with personalized micro-learning, based on their team’s engagement feedback
Fully customizable reporting across your business
Hierarchical reporting that can handle the most complex organizational structures
Highlighted comments bring key issues to the surface
Manage surveys, schedules & branding for multiple subsidiaries
Measure your company values and promote the right behaviors
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Not sure which plan is the best for your organization? We can help.
Not sure which plan is the best for your organization? We can help.
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What our customers have to say

"Every morning, I turn on my computer and check Salesforce to understand the real-time performance of our sales and pipeline. What I love about Peakon is that it’s a very similar experience, but rather than looking at our sales figures, I’m looking at something more important: how our people are feeling."

"Peakon are an integral part of our people strategy... Their flexible and innovative approach, insights, and support are proving to be invaluable. We couldn't have asked for a better partner!"

"Peakon allows us to have a real-time conversation with our employees to find out how they are feeling. It provides all our managers with access to easy-to-use data, which allows for more precise decision-making and helps us identify where best to invest time and money in order to drive improvement."

Help everyone in your organization to reach their full potential

Peakon gathers employee feedback, analyses it, and provides the insights that you need to improve your business in real time.