Bespoke benchmarking

Context is key

A better way to drive performance, with benchmarks that suit your teams.

Benchmark performance

From stock prices to personal fitness goals, benchmarks are an essential tool to help us understand how well we are performing. And the more relevant the benchmark, the better a motivator it is.

Data-driven industry benchmarks

We use hundreds of thousands of data points to calculate industry benchmarks that let you compare the overall performance of your organization’s culture against your peers. Designed with HR leaders and executives in mind, this metric gives realistic and impactful targets for your business to strive for.

Internal benchmarking

Company benchmarks represent the average scores across your organization. This allows you to identify problem areas and high performers by segmenting your data and comparing against internal averages. Meanwhile, managers can use internal benchmarks to track their own personal performance within the context of your company’s broader culture.

True Benchmark®

A revolutionary development in benchmarking. Choosing True Benchmark® lets you use the power of data to accurately account for demographic differences between your teams.

Understanding demographics

A senior salesperson has very different expectations of their workplace experience compared to a new accountancy hire in their first job. Using proprietary machine-learning techniques, we have identified the ways in which employee age, tenure, gender, department, job level and office location all affect employee engagement.

Fairer comparisons

For example, our data shows that new hires tend to report much higher levels of engagement than their long-tenured peers. Using True Benchmark®, a manager of a long-tenured team is given a reduced and fairer engagement benchmark to measure their performance against, whereas a colleague that manages short-tenured employees sees their benchmark increased to account for the composition of their team.

Improved insights

Ultimately, True Benchmark® removes the effect of external demographic influences that are out of your control. This allows you to accurately identify the high performers and problem areas that exist within your organization with a greater degree of certainty—all backed by advanced data science.

Enterprise adaptability

For larger organizations that operate in multiple industries, we let you choose suitable industry benchmarks for different areas of your business. For example, the fin-tech division of a financial services enterprise may wish to benchmark themselves against the technology industry, given that they are competing with tech businesses to attract and retain talent.

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