Leadership development

Nurture the next generation of leadership in your organization with Peakon

High-performance businesses aren’t built from the top down; it takes talented leaders at every level to create an engaged, productive, and happy culture. However, nurturing exceptional leaders in your organization is easier said than done.

We believe that the most effective route to success is to provide the opportunity to develop by doing.

Peakon empowers every manager with real-time engagement data about their team, recommended action plans, and bespoke training to help you develop the next generation of leadership talent in your organization.

What our customers say

Peakon has a significant impact on our management team. The communication between managers and employees has significantly improved, which has increased the quality of our leadership.

Timo Salzsieder
Chief Solution Officer/CIO, Metro AG

How we support leadership development

Empower managers with real-time data

Help your managers to identify where to take action and how best to serve their teams.

Peakon’s intuitive dashboards provide all your people leaders with an overview of employee feedback in their reporting line, as well as insights into their own strengths and areas for improvement.

Identify skill gaps and develop leaders with personalized training

Peakon provides every people leader with bespoke training tailored to their immediate needs.

Bite-sized micro-courses, a curated content library, and recommended action plans—based on priorities identified in employee feedback—help leaders to develop their skills by taking action.

Support progression and development

Provide additional support and guidance whenever needed. Upload your own leadership and development collateral to Peakon, and distribute it to your managers easily and effectively.

Collaborative action planning allows senior leaders and HR teams to alert your leaders to issues that they may have missed, offer advice, and plan the next steps together.

Identify your best leadership talent

Elevate the next generation of leaders within your organization. Use your Peakon data to identify the best-performing managers in each area of your business. Promote talent from within and preserve your culture while cutting recruitment costs.

The many ways Peakon can support your organization

Employee engagement

Increase productivity, retention, and business performance with Peakon

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Employee experience and retention

Optimize your employee experience from onboarding to exit with Peakon

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Diversity and inclusion

Build an inclusive organization with data-driven insights from Peakon

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Help everyone in your organization to reach their full potential

Peakon gathers employee feedback, analyses it, and provides the insights that you need to improve your business in real time.