Universal accessibility

A universally great experience

Any language, any device, and support for visual impairments.

We speak your language

Fully translated into over 50 languages. Allow your employees to share feedback in their native language, and your managers to view the results in a fully-translated dashboard.

Keep the conversation "local"

Receiving feedback in your own language is as important as enabling your people to share it in the way they feel most comfortable. That's a real two-way conversation.

Our integrated Google translate option enables you to understand feedback from multilingual teams at the click of a button in any browser and device of your preference. Through the localized experience feature, you can respond in your language while the user receives a translated response.

Any user, any platform

Whether your employees are construction workers in India, software developers in California, or hospitality workers in London, they’ll love using Peakon. Managers can access the dashboard from their smartphone, tablet, or web interface. Employees can receive notifications over SMS, email, via our iOS app, or Slack. Employees can submit feedback on their preferred device, or even via a kiosk in their workplace.

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